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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 3 (Dec. 1910)

Pease, Lynn S.
What can the alumni do?,   pp. [112]-116

Page 113

tral  committee   by   Chairman
Henry Krumrey. Maurice Morris-
sey, law '09, of Delavan was made
a member of the Republican state
central committee for Walworth
county.-- He is editor andproprie-
tor of the Delavan Republican.
  Alumni of the university were
also active on the stump. Mention
of but a few will include some
well known names.     James A.
Peterson, '84, law '87, a former
member of the Minnesota legis-
lature, was one of. the leaders of
the Hennepin County Progressive
league, and during the campaign
came across the border and spoke
for Senator La Follette. Charles
C. Pearce, '09, of Dodgeville, win-
ner of the Northern Oratorical
contest for Wisconsin in his senior
year, spent much time last sum-
mer in southern Wisconsin speak-
ing for Republican candidates, as
did Jesse J. Ruble, '11, of Platte-
ville, and L. A. Tarrell of Darl-
ington. Among other campaign
speakers were Michael B. Olbrich,
'02, law '04, and Carl, N. Hill, '09,
of Madison and Stephen J. Mc-
Mahon, -'03, law '06, city attorney
of Antigo, Wisconsin.
  Herbert M. Haskell, '93, law
  '97, (formerly mayor of Oregon,
Dane county), now in the Golden
state, was a delegate to the Cali-
fornia Republican state conven-
tion held at San Francisco in Sep-
  Wherever other political battles
not  here  reported  have  been
waged   by  Wisconsin   men, it
doubtless needs no lengthy argu-
ment to show that the same ear-
nest  striving for  success has
marked their struggles, and that
the broad Wisconsin training and
a certain _ far-famed Wisconsin
spirit have borne excellent fruit.
      By JOHN HUTCHINS, '73
Fellows, beware the lawyer chap!
  He's wicked and he's witty.
He gets his living when men sciap,
  In country and in city.
Lately to steal my job one sought;
  Then met my indignation
By saying he had only thought
  To grasp the situation!
                         Litchfield, Conn.

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