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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 3 (Dec. 1910)

Bridgman, Louis W.
Wisconsin alumni in politics,   pp. [105]-111

Page 110

ison district, but was defeated by
Dr. C. A. Harper.
  Scores of Wisconsin graduates
in  Wisconsin  and  other states
figured in their local elections, dis-
trict  attorneyships  apparently
predominating. Alan Bogue, Sr.,
of Poynette, Wis., although not a
Wisconsin graduate himself, has
pride in the knowledge that three
sons and a daughter are alumni,
and that two of his sons were
elected prosecuting attorneys on
November 8, a rather unusual dis-
tinction. Alan Jr., law '94, of
Centerville, South Dakota, was
chosen   county  attorney,  and
David F., '05, law '06, of Portage,
Wisconsin, was elected district
attorney of Columbia county on
the Republican ticket, winning
over George Bunsa, law '07. In
the primary Mr. Bogue defeated
Charles H. Metzler, law '00. Chas.
E. Briere, law '06, of Grand Rap-
ids, Wisconsin, was elected dis-
trict attorney of Wood county
over  former  District Attorney
John A. Gaynor, '71, A. M. '74.
The Milwaukee county election saw
the defeat of Charles A. A. McGee,
law '99, for the district attorney-
ship, his present office, by a So-
cial Democrat in a three-cornered
race, in which Mr. McGee emerged
a close second. Frank P. Regner,
law '01, Democrat, won over Paul
Gorman, '07, Republican, for dis-
trict attorney of Marathon county,
Wisconsin. Re-elections were ac-
corded to George Thompson, '99,
law '01, in Pierce county; William
Henry   Hay, '98, in   Langlade
county; John A. Malone, law, '03,
in Sank county; and Ralph E.
Smith, '95, law- '00, in Lincoln
county. Mr. Smith had the dis-
tinction of being the only Republi-
can to win in Lincoln county.
Albert R. Denu, '99, was elected
county attorney at Rapid   City,
South Dakota.
  William W..Storms, '05, was
elected district attorney of Racine
county; Charles A. Taylor, '04,
law '06, a former colonel of the
University battalion, in Barron
county; and James Thompson, '99,
in La Crosse county. Frederick
S. Arnold, law '03, who has been
district attorney of Eau Claire
county since 1905, was re-elected
by a vote of three to one. Robert
N. Nelson, law   '01, Republican,
defeated Frank W. Lucas, '96, law
'01, in the primary for the nomi-
natibn for district attorney of
Dane county, and on November 8
was elected over Edward J. Reyn-
olds, law '01, Democrat. In Rock
county Stanley G. Dunwiddie, '06,
son of the late Judge Benjamin
F. Dunwiddie, '74, law '75, of
Janesville, won in the Republican
primary over Charles H. Heming-
way, law '06, and was elected to
the office. District Attorney W.
E. Plummer, law     '89, was re-
elected district attorney of Pepin
county over Paul R. Newcomb,
law '07. William IH. McGrath, '00,
of Monroe, was re-elected in Green
county, and Henry Graas, law '03,
of Sturgeon Bay, in Door county.
Mr. Graas defeated Thomas A.
Sanderson, law '07, for the nomi-

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