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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Alumni news,   pp. [89]-98

Page 98

98                  THE- WISCUP01SI  A
librarian of the Philippine islands.. Mr.
Robertson's principal work centers in
Manilla, but he is at present located at
the summer capital of Bagino in Benguet
province. The city is situated in the
mountain region, and, in letters to Madi-
son ý friends, Mr. Robertson speaks en-
thusiastically of the beautiful scenery Jn
those. parts. While living in Madison
Mr. Robertson wrote a History of the
Philippines, which he had just finished
before his departure from the. city.
   Eva G. Lewis is teaching in the Ra-
cine, Wis., high school: Irving Homuth
is a member of the faculty of the same
   Johann Rossberg-Leipnitff succeeds Sa-
bena M. Herfurth, '93,. as instructor in
German at Milwaukee-Downer college.
   A. H. Robertson teaches history and
 public  eaking at the Musgegon, Mich.,
 high school. He is also leader of the
 high school orchestra.
   Hilda C. Volkmann is instructor in
 German at the Watertown High school,
 Watertown, Wis.
   Glen E. Smith is engaged as assistant
 instructor in the university and also
 holds the position of city electrical in-
 spector of Madison.
   L. D. Smith is a partner in the law
 firm of -E. L. & E. E. Browne, Waupaca,
   J. Robert Newman of Madison has en-
 tered Rush Medical college, Chicago.
   Charles !A. Mann has been appointed
 instructor in music at the university. He
 has for the past two years been leader
 of the university regimental band.
   Carl N. Hill is coaching the Wisconsin
 intercollegiate debating teams, together
 with Prof. R. L. Lyman of the depart-
 ment of public speaking.
   Walter H. Cooper has accepted an ap-
 pointment as assistant professor of dairy-
 ing of the Iowa State Agricultural col-
 lege at Ames.
  Robert H. Schwandt is associated with
the Ceresit Waterproofing company, Chi-
  J. M. Roherty has finished his work in
.the City of Platteville, where he has been
for about two months in the employ-
ment of the city, supervising the street
improvement work.
- Stanley Coward is in the auditing of-
fice of the Western Union company in
New   York City. His address is 311
Canton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
   THermann C. P.,,\ Mueller, instructor in
 German and French at Memorial univer-
 sity, Mason City, Ta. has been appointed
 dean of that institution.
   John J. Hensey has been appointed
 military instructor in Bunker Hill Mili-
 tary academy, located in Illinois, a short
 distance east of St. Louis.
   Charles W. Hill, who received the de-
 gree of doctor of philosophy last June,
 has been made research chemist for the
 National Carbon company at Cleveland,
   J. R. Heddle is taking work for his
 M. A. degree at Madison.
   Most of last year's students in the
 course in journalism of the University of
 Wisconsin have taken up newspaper work
 and have secured positions on daily pa-
 pers in Wisconsin and neighboring states.
   Earle S. Holman, '10, Deerfield, is on
 the Antigo Journal; E. J. Mathie, '10,
 Stevens Point, is reporting on the Ap-
 pleton Post; H. C. Northrup, '10, Mil-
 waukee; has taken a place on the Mil-
 waukee Journal; J. C. Thompson, Eau
 Claire, is night editor on the Eau Claire
 Leader; J. D. Brewer, '10, Ft. Atkinson,
 is reporting on the Stevens Point Jour-
 nal; N. C. Parke, Troy, Ohio, has ac-
 cepted a position on the Morning Repub-
 lican of Findlay, Ohio; Chalmer B. Tra-
 ver, Milwaukee, is on the Evening Wis-
 consin, Milwaukee.

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