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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Richardson, W. D.
The football outlook,   pp. [71]-74

Page 74

but is far too light to be effective.
Bunker has the bad habit of slow-
ing up before. he hits a man. New-
man looks as though he might de-
velop into a good man if given the
proper   chance. Another     new-
comer is Wernicke who carries the
ball well but who fails to pick his
  In spite of the poor line prospects
at the beginning of the year, it now
looks as though we will have a line
capable of holding its own against
anything   in  the  west. Dean's
work at end is too well-known to
need comment. He should make
the   All-Western. Hoeffel,   the
new man at left end, is a nat-
ural player, fast on his feet and a
sure tackler, besides *working the
pass well. At the tackles, there are
two veterans, Buser and Mackmil-
ler, the latter being moved out from
a guard position where he played
last season. They are heavy and
Buser is speedy. His playing in
the Indiana game warrants the con-
sideration of critics when they turn
their attention to picking an All-
Western aggregation.
   The addition of Pierce and Mur-
 phy has strengthened the squad
 where it was weakest, viz., in giving
it. more weight. Murphy has had
one season's experience as a varsity
man, having won his "W" two sea-
sons ago.
  Arpin at center is a big improve-
ment over any of the men who have
been tried, and, barring the disad-
vantages of being light, is an ac-
ceptable pivot man. He passes
well and is a good defensive player.
There are a number of subs who
warrant attention but lack of space
forbids save to say that if the team
has a successful season, they, as
well as Coach Driver's admirable
freshman team, deserve to share in
the praise.
  As to the future. We ought to
defeat Northwestern and Chicago.
I don't think we can turn the trick
against Minnesota for if we did we
would be upsetting every particle
of football "dope." The gophers
have their old scoring machine of
last year and have been going along
better than any other eleven in the
country as far as scores are con-
ocerned. If we hold them to a close
score and take the measure of the
maroons, every Wisconsin student
ought to feel satisfied with the sea-
son 's work.

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