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Brunkow, Sue; Higgins, Brian (ed.) / Wisconsin engineer
Volume 82, No. 1 (October 1977)

Verdin, Mike
Foreign students: strangers in a strange land,   pp. 8-[10]

Page 8

Foreign Students
by Mike Verdini n a S
  No, the melting pot of the
United States is not owned by U. S.
Steel. In fact it may be closer than
you think. With a quick look up
from this page you can see students
from A to Z-that's Afghanistan to
Zambia (or Norway to Saudi Arab-
ia, or Canada to Bangladesh).
  Whether you have stopped to
notice it or not, the College of
Engineering at the University of
Wisconsin is a proverbial United
Nations, graced by approximately
595 students from 60 foreign lands.
That's one-fifth the entire enroll-
ment of the College. The greatest
number of these students hail from
Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, and
Iran. However, each continent is
well represented.
   Expectedly, the middle eastern
countries have shown quite an
increase in recent years, mostly
because of oil trade with western
nations. For the coil
last year there wer
tional students.
  Could it be that
around about the
Wisconsin? Yes. U
known campus t[
world. But what are
that make collegians
around the world
UW? Some answers
you. Word of mc
literature, certainly.
an electrical engineer
India heard about
India. She picked W
list of recommender
the U.S. Embassy-
leges: Harvard, Stan
Although she came
academic offerings
would be an enjoy
and also a chance to
American people.
  Echoing on the academic offer-
ing theme, an Iranian ME major
checked urniveristy rankings and
professors' advice and thusly chose
  Another reason for coming was
course  offerings. Many  interna-
tional students could not find thei
desired field in their homeland and
came statewise. Example: a Niger-
ian senior at UW could not take
metallurgical and mining engineer
ing in Nigeria. He then did research
in the library, looking for academi-
cally sound schools. Several stu-
dents also commented that they
had heard UW was a good school
for foreign students to attend. In
addition, a number of students said
that they came to the state of
Wisconsin only to live but later
decided to try college here-either
continuing their education or start-

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