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Brunkow, Sue; Higgins, Brian (ed.) / Wisconsin engineer
Volume 82, No. 1 (October 1977)

[Cover],   pp. [unnumbered]-[1]

If gour middle name is
                  i m o .            .n
magbe we can put things
     on a first name basis.
At Celanese, we don't think patience is much of a virtue when it
comes to creativity or careers. We became a 2 billion dollar com-
pany by responding quickly and creatively to changing markets
and technologies. By giving our people the opportunity-and
responsibility-to respond to change, to develop, to take
That's why you won't find any lengthy training programs at
Celanese. Our management philosophy is to give our engineers
and chemists significant projects and responsibilities as soon as
possible. Give them as much to handle as their skills and dedica-
tion are up to in an unusually open working environment which
fosters creative decision-making at all levels.
It works for you because it gives you the opportunity to grow
rapidly. It works for us because it's what has made us a leader in
man-made fibers, with a solid position in chemicals, polymer
specialties and engineering resins.Without an impatient respon-
siveness, we wouldn't have pioneered triacetate, developed
FortrelO polyester or become a world leader in formaldehyde and
methanol production.
If you think you'd like working in this kind of an atmosphere, lefs
get to know each other better. If you have a degree in engineer-
ing or chemistry, ask your placement officer to set up an interview
with us. Or write John D. Grupe, Celanese Building, 1211 Avenue
of the Americas, New York, N.Y 10036.
          a     '~~
An equal opportunity employer m/f
'Fortrel is a registered trademark of Fiber Industries, Inc.
f/f/w/0 .

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