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Goldlin, Jan (ed.) / Wisconsin engineer
Volume 80, Number 2 (November 1975)

Blackman, Phil
Startrek cancelled by popular demand,   pp. 10-13

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               Texas Instruments SR-52.
                 224 program locations.
            Twice the user-defined keys.
            Twice the memory registers.
                      But half the cost
of the only other programmable in its class.*
Complex repetitive problems or
lengthy calculations that once
took hours can now be solved in
seconds. And the chances of entry
error are dramatically reduced.
The SR-52 allows you to record
up to 224 keystrokes to perform
your calculations-your way. Pro-
gramming is simple and straight-
forward. What's more, prepro-
grammed cards are available
which can be integrated into your
problem solving routines.
  Easy Left-to-Right Algebraic
Entry. Enter calculations exactly
as you write them. The SR-52 com-
bines a 3-level algebraic hierarchy
with 9 levels of parentheses. This
lets you enter problems containing
up to 10 pending operations (three
times the capability of the only
other machine in its class). This
means you don't have to
presolve the problem or
search for the most ap-
propriate, efficient order
of execution. The SR-52
does this automatically.
  Learn Mode. Teach
the SR-52 your personal
approach to problem
solving. Simply key-in
your problem left-to-
right as you would in
calculate mode, using
the following options for
precise control:
* Preprogrammed "if"
  Statements (8).
  Makes a decision
  based on the condi-
  tion of the display.
* Decrement and Skip
  on Zero. Lets a seg-
  ment of code be re-
  peated a specified
  number of times.
* User-defined Flags
   (5). Determines the
   condition under which
  a program transfer is made.
* Program Levels (3). A main pro-
  gram can call up to two levels of
* Labels (72). Name program
* Indirect Addressing (2 modes).
  Extends versatility of all mem-
  ory-reference and branching
  Trial-run your program. Editing
and "debugging" are easy. Move
through problems a step at a time,
forward or backward. Add more
steps. Delete. Or write over steps.
Then record.
Run Mode. Load a magnetic card.
This puts the card's contents in
memory. Insert the card above the
5 user-defined keys representing
10 functions.
  Enter numbers directly into the
Accompanying an SR-52:
Operating guide. Compre-
hensive owners manual.
Basic library of prere-
corded programs, diagnos-
tic cards and head cleaner
in carrying case. Basic
library manual. User in-
struction & coding forms.
Blank magnetic cards.
Fast-charge battery pack.
AC adapter/charger. Stur-
dy vinyl carrying case.
SR-52 lock-in prii
(available early 1976
program. Or into one or more of the
20 addressable memory registers.
Or both.
Execution is completely auto-
matic. A program runs until it
encounters a halt, which may be
part of a program or a keyed-in
Repeat a program as often as
needed. Change values of your
variables. Solve for different un-
knowns. The stored program is
With the SR-52 comes a Basic
Library Program Manual and
preprogrammed cards: Factors of
an integer. Complex arithmetic.
Reconcile checking account. Ordi-
nary annuity. Permutations and
combinations. Means and mo-
ments. Random number genera-
tor. Hi-pass active filter. Low-
         pass active filter. Dead
         reckoning. Hyperbolic
* Print out an entire
* Print calculate mode
* Print instructions or re-
  sults without halting
  program execution.
* Trace program execu-
  tion step by step for
  error detection.
functions. Trend line
analysis. Solution of
quadratic equations.
Conversions. Game.
Additional Libraries
may be purchased sepa-
rately: Statistics. Math.
Electrical Engineering.
Finance. And more are
on the way.
  Calculate Mode. Oper-
ated manually, the SR-
U0   i _ UO L 9 V I bi   --
powerful calculators
available today.
For more information.
See your TI calculator
retailer. Or send for
new brochure. Write
Texas Instruments,
M/S 358,
Box 22013,
*Based on suggested retail prices
current at time of this printing.
©1975 Texas Instruments Incorporated

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