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Giesler, Richard; Scheer, Peter (ed.) / Wisconsin engineer
Volume 79, Number 3 (December 1974/January 1975)

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In today's plastic world,
it's nice to know there are still
a few dependables.
Every material has its use. But something
that's good for one use isn't necessarily good
for another.
Some sewer pipe materials shouldn't be used
in sewer pipes. They lack the structural
characteristics found in a dependable sewer
pipe system. They have minimum resistance
to rot and roots. Deflection under load which
can cause stoppages and eventual collapse.
Thin walls susceptible to puncture. And
weakness when exposed to high temperatures.
But the dimensional integrity of a clay
sewer pipe system eliminates these worries.
Clay pipe can permanently resist all the
chemicals and acids commonly found in a
sewer system. Offer the only absolute
resistance to rot, roots, abrasion, infiltration
and exfiltration. And Dickey clay pipe
carries a full 100 year guarantee.*
And the patented urethane joint makes Dickey
clay coupling pipe the best you can buy.
With the most dependable and effective seal
you can get in a wastewater system, even
if settling occurs.
As a matter of fact, our clay pipe will not
only outlast the Bond Issue, but also the
people who buy it.
W S Dickey Clay Manufacturing Company
Post Office Box 6 Pittsburg  Kansas 66762
Dickey Cloy  ill supply  free of chorge  replocrrfenrs Ior any cioy pi p,
 hich h- bee- dooged, destroyed or impaired in service for a period of 100
years from
---trct-, CiOftI dc-mcg, h., been c.used by coroio or .,h-e ch-mi-l decomposition
fr omcids. alkalis, or ind-triol w-ste (excpt Hydrofl-oi, Acid)
or   iog   by rts or other rod'e slr    F e pe is  ed for irmd-lr-ol  reduleoi
 orgeeero dr-ioge purposesa Dmgn from  improper hndlirg, placerent or
tren h lon nq s, -ot   r- i

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