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Schroeder, Ron (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 61, Number 6 (March 1957)

Static,   pp. 98-100 ff.

Page 100

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         Career Opportunities
               (Continued from page 46)
them and in most cases visit the companies before
accepting an offer. Although many seniors must enter
military service after graduation, most companies will
hire them, even for just a few weeks, and then grant
military leave. Or if the graduate prefers he can use
the placement office after returning from service. At
any time all College of Engineering alumni can use
the placement office if they wish to relocate.
  A new approach is also developing in terms of sum-
mer employment for engineering students while still
in college. Even after the freshman year it is possible
to find summer work in some phase of engineering.
The placement office has thus become important io
students all through their college career, as well as
during the senior year. Besides just providing a chance
to earn money the student can gain worthwhile expe-
rience in summer work and see how his courses are
applied in industry. And he may find a special interest
in a particular phase of engineering and tailor his selec-
tion of courses accordingly. As a result he will be better
prepared to continue his career after graduation.
  The Engineering Placement Office can be a very
important part of the college career of the engineer.
Its facilities are always available to the student and
he can feel free to take advantage of its services.
  High school students have many questions concern-
ing requirements and activities of college life. Follow-
ing are questions and the respective answers pertain-
ing to student life at the University of Wisconsin.
                                           THE END
So You Want to Be an Engineer
                (Continued from page 47)
speech, surveying, or shop, as the particular course may
require, making is posible for a student to change his
particular branch of engineering without loss of credit
at the close of his freshman year. While in the sopho-
more year, physics and mathematics are common to all
engineering courses, it is advisable that a student enter-
ing his sophomore year should have determined his
real engineering interest in order to avoid any loss of
credit in case he transfers.
  When you enter college, organize your time, allow-
ing approximately thirty hours per week for study out-
side the class room, and remember that a good start
leads to a successful completion. At the University of
Wisconsin you will find yourself one of many students.
However, your advisers and your instructors are will-
ing to confer with you and to help you, if you but give
them the opportunity. Determined application, syste-
matic study habits, frequent reviews, and the will to
do your best will bring you well on your way to your
chosen profession of engineering. The life of a success-
ful engineer offers unlimited opportunity for construc-
tive achievement, and engineers are more and more
taking an active part in the business and public affairs
of the world at large.                     THE END
  Extensive stocks of technical and semi-
  technical books, chemistry, physics and
  mathematical tables.
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