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Godfrey, Kneeland, Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 59, Number 4 (January 1955)

Elton, Bob
W. S. P. E.,   pp. 30-37

Page 32

     (Co tinucd frop a)(ge 30)
   Young Engineers Committee
  'I'lbree Chapters have returned
tfli(r qulestionnaires to (late. Indi-
cations thus far point to general
accej)tance of the program  with
certain  restrictions  (particularly
wvithl reference  to  non-member
office holding and voting privil-
  lPlease return yotir filled in ques-
tionnaire as soon as practicable so
that the results miay be tabulated
and a report 1ad(le l)efore the Jan-
narv NNIWSPE Convention. To com-
plete this report and give an oppor-
tunitv for review  means all data
should be in mv hands not later
than January 2, 1955.
  Eaclh Chapter Public Relations
Chairman should have received,
early in October, directly from Na-
tional Headquarters, the Promo-
tional Kit for National Engineers'
\Week. (In ease any of you have
not receive(l the Kit, please let me
know  and one will promptly be
forwarded from here).
  It wtill be necessary to have avail-
al)le at the time of the WSPE State
Convention in January, 1955 a brief
report of the activities of our
Statewide Public Relations Com-
mittee. In this connection, it is sug-
gested that you include a state-
ment of the Chapter's program for
National Engineers' Week.
          Yours truly,
                R. C. SIEGEL
     Public RcJl(ftions Chairman
  Report on Nominations
  In aecordance wvith Article VI of
the 1By-Laws, the following report
of nominations for officers, direc-
tors and national representatives is
subl)nitte(l. Members of the Nom-
inating Conimmittee are:
Jibl.ic  Etmtupluoymot-tE. J. D)uszynski,
   Chairman, Ea. C. Kesting
 '(lditors-K.irl 0. NVerxvwah, J. G.
 Priratc  PIractic  - ar11ry  Guite,  Heimnr
 Jim(fmistri  Or  JPriwict('  Itilit   -E.  H. Nel-
   SMI,. C. E. Pflumg
      Nominee for President
          OWEN AYRES
  Mr. Ayres is President of the
Eau Claire Sand and Gravel Com-
pany. Has served as Director of the
Northwest Chapter and the Eau
Claire Technical Society. Served
as WSPE Director 1949-50, and as
Second Vice President, 1953-54.
He is now serving as First Vice
Nominee for First Vice President
  Mlr. Behling is a Consulting En-
gineer, Steam Power Plants. Mem-
ber of Engineers' Society of Mil-
waukee, Charter Member WSPE,
NSPE. Director WSPE 1949-50;
National Representative WSPE for
term 1951-54. Chairman of Awards
Committee NSPE from 1951-52;
He is now serving as Second Vice
President WSPE.
Nominee for Second Vice President
  Mr. Genisot is an overseas vet-
eran of World War I; graduate of
Wisconsin Institute of Technology
of 1923. Pres. of Genisot Engineer-
ing Co. from 1946 Past. Pres. of
Wis. Valley Chapter WSPE, Mem-
ber of State Board of Directors
Nominee for Secretary-Treasurer
  Mr. Kingsbury received a B.S. in
Civil Engineering at Illinois in
1934, Master of Public Health at
University of Minnesota in 1948.
District Sanitary Engineer Wis.
State Board of Health at Ashland
from 1936-50; transferred to field
of Industrial Waste Treatment in
Feb. 1950. Secretary-Treasurer of
Chapter at the present time.
     Nominees for Directors
  Mlr. Walter E. Dick is City En-
gineer of Waukesha. He is a mem-
ber of Engineering and Public
Works Section of League of Wis-
consin Municipalities, American
Public Works Association. Charter
Member of Southeast Chapter and
Sec'y-Treas. of Chapter since its
organization in 1946.
  Mr. Frank L. Carlson has served
for the past seven years as Super-
visor of Property Records Dept. of
Dairyland Power Cooperative with
headquarters in La Crosse. Chair-
man of Membership Committee
1953-54, and holds this office at
present time. He was President of
Western Chapter in 1950. Is an
Associate member of AIEE.
  Mr. Gammell received a B.S. in
EE from University of Washington
in 1928; graduate of Allis-Chal-
mers. Training Course and then
Sales Engineer for Allis-Chal-
mers. Has been connected with
graduate training work at Allis-
Chalmers and is presently Director
of Graduate Training Department,
concerned with recruiting, training
and placement of engineering grad-
uates. Member of National Educa-
tion Committee of NSPE Chair-
man of State Educational Commit-
tee of WSPE served as Chairman
of Membership Committee of Mil-
waukee Chapter of WSPE in 1953.
Also Member of ESM, ASME,
     Nominees for National
  Mr. Trester is an Engineer with
the C. R. Meyer and Sons Com-
pany, General Contractors, Osh-
kosh. Active in FRV Chapter as
Director in 1947; Vice President in
1948; President in 1949; Director,
WSPE 1951-52. Member of Tanl
Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, Associate
Member ASCE, Member of ACI,
Member of Society of American
Military Engineers an Alternate
Member of AGC-AIA Cooperating
Committee. He is currently serv-
ing as National Representative.
  Mr. Clark is the District Engi.-
neer of the Wisconsin State High-
way Commission at Superior. He
has served as Director, WSPE;
Second Vice President, WSPE;
First Vice President, WSPE and
as President of WSPE.

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