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Godfrey, Kneeland, Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 59, Number 4 (January 1955)

Edwards, Donald
Progress. . . through research,   pp. [14]-16

Page 16

    1. The development of low cost solar engines to be
       studied in the departments of Chemical and
       Mechanical Engineering.
    2. The fundamental problems in collecting and
       storing solar energy for space heating.
    3. Considerations of the combined use of a heat
       puiimp and solar energy for heating buildings.
    4. The conversion and utilization of solar energy
       through biochemical processes.
The departments of Chemistry, M~ leteorology, Bacte-
riologv, and Agricultural Engineering are also closely
associate(l with this program.
  B3v far the largest number of research projects are
being carried out under the supervision of the various
departbents. According to the latest Report of the
Engineering Experiment Station there were 170 such
active projects on record.
  Research in the Department of Chemical Engineer-
ing is distributed among the fields of biochemical engi-
neering, instrumentation, reaction kinetics, thermody-
namics, the unit operations of drying, atomization and
spray (ryivng, and heat and mass transfer.
  Research in Civil Engineering is distributed among
the lnroad fields of highway design and engineering,
hydraulics, hydrologic studies, and sanitation and sew-
age treatment.
  The WISC Electronic Digital Computer being built in the
Department of Electrical Engineering. This machine will pro-
vide valuable assistance in furthering research as well as in edu-
cating young engineers in the new and rapidly growing field of
automatic computers and data processing equipment. See Wis-
consin Engineer of February, 1954.
Engine test set-up for measuring compression temperatures by
               infrared radiation technique.
  Research activities in Electrical Engineering include
the development of a high speed digital computer with
a magnetic drum storage system. Its development over
the past three years is expected to culminate in its
operation early in 1955. Research in electronics includes
studies of noise and signals and their methods of de-
tection, a specialized type of computer for measuring
and counting droplet images and other fundamental
studies along related lines. Studies of semi-conductors
have led to fundamental problems in the field of solid-
state physics.
  Research in Mechanical Engineering is carried on in
the general fields of internal combustion, heat transfer,
thermodynamics, and fluid flow.
  In the Department of Mechanics projects include a
number of studies on concrete and factors affecting its
properties, studies of plastic flow and stresses in con-
crete beams, and fundamental studies in stress analysis.
  In Mining and Metallurgy such projects as nonferrous
melting practice, intergranular corrosion of stainless
steel, beneficiation of low-grade iron ore, effects of
melting variables on malleable iron, and interrelation
between stress and transformation of steel are being
carried out.
  Funds are made available for research from industry,
federal contracts and grants, research assistants and
grants (WARF), and the university budget.        END

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