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Hacker, Robert W. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 53, Number 5 (February 1949)

Wille, James E.
Teflon,   pp. 22-40 ff.

This is a pleure of 1ING
  It's a picture that gives automotive engi-
  neers clear-cut facts on performance-a
  picture that suggests how photography with
  its ability to record, its accuracy and its
  speed, can play important roles in all
  modern business and industry.
No, this is not the "doodling" of a man on the tele-
phone. Far from it. It's the photographic record of
an oscilloscope trace that shows, and times, detona-
tion in a "knocking" engine. It all happens in a few
hundred-thousandths of a second-yet photography
gets it clearly and accurately as nothing else can.
  Oscillograph recording is but one of countless
functional uses of photography in bettering prod-
Functional Photography
. . . is advancing business and industrial techn
ucts and improving manufacturing methods. high
speed "stills" can freeze fast action at just the crucial
moment-and the design or operation of a part can
be adjusted to best advantage.
  And high speed movies can expand a second of
action into several minutes so that fast motion can
be slowed down for observation-and products be
made more dependable, more durable.
   Such uses of photography-and many more-can
help you improve your product, your tools, your
production methods. For every day, functional pho-
tography is proving a valuable and important ad-
junct in more and more modern enterprises.
  Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester 4, N. Y.

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