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Niles, Donald E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 48, Number 3 (November 1943)

Jacobson, Glenn
Campus notes,   pp. 30-33

Page 31

       (continued from page 30)
 mately sixty slides and a few feet
 of movie film upon the steps in the
 construction of the dam. His in-
 formative and interesting lecture
 was well received by the large group
 of civils present at the meeting.
 The meeting was adjourned at 10
 p.m. and refreshments served.
   The last meeting of the summer
term was called to order October 20
at 7:30 at the Hydraulics Labora-
tory. The main business of the eve-
ning was the election of officers.
The new officers of the society are:
President, Roy Ericksen; Vice Presi-
dent, Jack Scholke; Secretary, Mar-
lin Clark; Treasurer, Dale Jenner-
john; Polygon representative, Gor-
don Robeck. After adjournment of
the meeting, refreshments were
served.           -Ed Kloman
  The last meeting of the A.I.E.E.
was held in the Top Flight room of
the Union. Officers for this semes-
ter were elected. John Lyons re-
places Walker Smith, who has grad-
uated, as chairman; Harold Boett-
cher was elected vice-chairman, and
Merval Oleson secretary-treasurer.
In accepting their positions, the new
officers indicated that they are go-
ing to try for a larger organization
and more frequent programs.
  After the elections, the main
speaker of the meeting was present-
ed. Mr. H. K. Smith of Westing-
house Mfg. Co. spoke on "What
the graduating engineer has to offer
industry, and what industry has to
offer the graduating engineer." His
well chosen subject struck a respon-
sive chord in the audience as shown
by the lively discussion following
the talk.      -Merval Oleson
  A regular meeting was held on
Thursday, October 14, with thirty
members in attendance. The speak-
er of the evening was Dr. Bradley,
who showed the motion picture
film, "Trip Through the Sierras."
He accompanied this with a com-
  An election of officers was also
held. Those securing positions are
as follows: President, Roy Ander-
son; Vice-President, William Muel-
ler; Treasurer, Donald Rasmussen;
Secretary, Elwood Buffa. The ad-
visor for M.E.S.W. is Professor
Nelson.         -Roy Anderson
         TAU BETA PI
  Congratulations were in order for
the retiring officers of the Wiscon-
sin Alpha chapter of Tau Beta Pi,
honorary engineering fraternity. At
the October meeting held in the
Reception Room of the Union it
was decided: Gerhard Beyer will
succeed Alvin Loeffler as president,
and James Keating will succeed
Walter Hirchert in the position of
vice-president; Calvin Lovell, re-
cording secretary, Richard Mason,
corresponding secretary, and John
Caldwell, cataloger, will replace
Harold Gauper, Gordon Haddock,
and Allen Jones, respectively, all
recently graduated.
                  -Jerry Beyer
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