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Niles, Donald E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 48, Number 3 (November 1943)

May, Harold
Profs in who's who,   pp. 24-27

Page 27

PLASTICS-products of industrial initiative
Plastics are a stimulating source of inspiration
for architects and industrial designers in search
of new ideas. When these intriguing materials
are released from their military commitments
innumerable applications for the home fronm
will arise. No products offer a better example of
how progress can be accomplished when indus-
try is given free rein to its initiative.
As a producer of basic chemicals needed for the
manufacture of plastics, Dow is in a particularly
fortunate position to promote their develop-
ment. Three major Dow plastics-Styron,
Ethocel and Saran-have already been produced.
They possess distinctive properties that permit a
bewildering array of uses in almost every field of
human activity. There are also varieties of Dow
plastic materials for coatings, finishes and other
purposes in the electrical, textile and many
other industries.
These plastic products do more than supplant
other materials. They are veritable points of
departure that lead to fresh fields. When normal
conditions return, self-reliant industry, expand-
ing on its own resources, will develop and apply
them for the greater well-being of all America.
New York - Chicago - St. Louis - Houston - San Francisco - Los Angeles -
N O VEM B E R, 194 3

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