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Lilja, Edgar D. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 28, No. 3 (December 1923)

Crew, L. C.
Campus notes,   pp. 59-XIII

Page 60

  The series of engineering lectures was opened on
November 19 by Mr. H. S. Smith, chief engineer for
the Prest-O-Lite Company and past-president of the
International Aceylene Association who spoke enter-
tainingly about the manufcature and use of acetylene.
Junior and senior classes in professional subjects were
excused to permit members to attend the lecture.
versal machine of 6oo,ooo pounds capacity. The new
machine was purchased to balance this equipment.
                I SHOULD SAY NOT!
  The frosh who thought that railroads had to use
alternating current to operate their swinging signals
isn't so much worse than the agric who grounded his
radio in a flower pot.
                  NEED A MAP?
  Do you need a map for that next seminar topic '
There are some on the walls of our various buildings.
but they are usually too far out of reach to be of serv-
ice. Why not try the library? You will find several
good world atlases; for example, one by George F.
Cram (G. Z., C 84, A. 2). If you need a larger map,
try the Geography Department on the third floor of
Science Hall. Perhaps its a geological map you want,
in which case you should visit the geology seminar
room on the second floor of Science Hall.  For the
benefit of would-be surveyors, who are looking for
latitudes and longitudes of various places in the United
States, there are magnetic tables and charts in our
library (SQA, UN3, S.44)    They are often handier
than maps.
                HEIGHTS UNATAINABLE!
  Elmer Krieger had just tackled a question in a Roads
and Pavement recitation and been thrown for a loss.
Then ensued the following conversation:
  Professor Smith: Mr. Krieger, if I tell you where
you can find the answer to that question, will you look
it tip and read it?
  Elmer: (eagerly) Oh, yes indeed, professor.
  Professor Smith: Well, young man, you will find it
in the text book,-in today's assignment.
  The Michigan game brought us a visit from Wendell
E. Doty manager of finance for the Michigan Technic.
  A new three screw Riehle Universal testing machine
has been added to the equipment of the materials labor-
atory. The cost of this machine was $3600. It weighs
13,000 pounds and delivers a maximum load of 200,-
ooo pounds. It is well adapted to the testing of concrete
cv Ii n ders, building blocks, and piles. It is convenient
for tension tests on large metal specimens.
  The materials laboratory has seven smaller Riehle
and Olsen testing machines with capacities from 20,-
ooo pounds to ioo,ooo pounds and one hydraulic uni-
  SANITARY ENGINEERING or How the Fly Swatter
  was Invented.
  We wish to report Dick Rhode on a grave offense.
Dick tore his hair and became generally dishevelled
in trying to cube I on his log-log sticks! Ye Gods,
what torture ye demand.
Volume 28, No. 

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