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Osterheld, C. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 17, Number 7 (April 1913)

Alumni notes,   pp. [327]-16 [XVI] ff.

Page 328

8The Wisconsin Engineer
  Walter J. Schneider, E. E., '10, is a Telephone Engineer with
the Chicago Telephone Co., Chicago, Ill.
  Edward H. Schroeder, E. E., '09, is the contract estimator
for the Western Electric Co. at Hawthorne, Ill.
  Frank C. Schroeder, E. E., '07, is an instructor in mechanics
at Fayweather Hall, Columbia University, New York City, N. Y.
  A. A. Ort is the vice president, engineer in charge of the
Pitometer department of the Municipal Supply Co. of Chicago,
  Thomas Rust, C. E., '12, is a bridge draftsman with the Chi-
cago. Burlington & Quincy Railroad, Eau Claire, Wis.
  B. A. T. Rustone, C. E., '09, is a structural designer for
Marshall E. Fox, Chicago, Ill.
  Gania G. Ryder, Gen. E., '07, is an electrical contractor for
the Twin City Electric Co., Minneapolis, Minn.
  Kurt Schapper, M. E., '02, is the foreman of the Thor. B.
Jeffery Co. of Illinois, Chicago, Ill.
  Sylvester Schattselmeider, C. E., '05, is doing research work
under Prof. George C. Whipple of the Graduate School of Ap-
plied Science at the University of Harvard.
  H. C. Scherer, M\. E., '12, is with the A. 0. Smith Co. of Mil-
waukee, Wis.
  Walter W. Schilling, C. E., '12, has the position civil engin-
eer in charge of construction for the Greiling Bros. Contracting
Co. of Green Bay, Wis.
  Andrew C. Scherer, C. E., '09, is affiliated with the Monterry
Iron and Steel Co. and holds the position of rail inspector for
the Robert W. Hunt Co. of Monterry, Mexico.
  Harold L. Scherer is the production engineer of trucks de-
partment of the A. 0. Smith Co. of Milwaukee, Wis.
  Oliver J. Schieber is an instrument man for the Stone and
Webster Construction Co., Big Creek, Cal.
  F. C. Schmidt, E. E.. '08, is the superintendent of construc-
tion for the Kansas City Street Railway Co., Kansas City, Mo.
  H. E. Schmidt, Min. E., '1], is the Assistant Engineer of the
Mahoning Ore and Steel Co., Hibbing, Minn.

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