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Pate, Brad (ed.) / Wisconsin engineer
Volume 110, Number 3 (April 2006)

Mulliken, Carly
Combine and conquer: new phones help users multitask,   pp. 14-15 PDF (998.3 KB)

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The contestants
Of course, it is the differences between the
phones that determine which one fits your
personality and needs.
The Palm Treo 700, which earned top
marks from popular phone review site, tied the BlackBerry 7130 as
the smallest phone. It also is the second
lightest and has the longest battery life.
Other notable characteristics of this Palm
are its ability to play MP3s, take pictures
and capture and stream video.
The BlackBerry 7130 is the smallest in the
BlackBerry lineup. It is the lightest of the
phones and has the second shortest battery
life. Unlike the other three phones, which
use Windows for Pocket PCs as their oper-
ating system, BlackBerry uses its own
"Enterprise" software. This phone has the
least memory available, but the ease of
transferring information between a com-
puter and the phone offsets this weakness.
Important features of the BlackBerry
include its ability to function as a modem
between a computer and the Internet. The
Blackberry contains Java 2 Micro Edition,
which allows the phone to run different
software specifically built for mobile
devices, such as corporate applications.
These last two features of the BlackBerry
can make the phone a vital tool in the busi-
ness world.
The Samsung SCH-i730 is the second
smallest of these phones but shares the title
for largest LCD screen with the Audiovox
PPC-6600. It is the second heaviest of the
phones and has the shortest battery life.
The phone has stereo speakers which
enhance its ability to play music, games
and stream videos.
Unlike the other three
phones, which use Windows
for Pocket PCs as their oper-
ating system, BlackBerry
uses its own "Enterprise"
The last, and largest, of the phones is the
Audiovox PPC-6600. Not surprisingly, it
also is the heaviest of the group. The
Audiovox's battery has the second longest
life of the phones. The Audiovox has a
music player and a camera and can capture
and stream video.
* B&W Copies
* Color Copies
* Transparencies
* Custom Color Calendars
* Newsletters
* Brochures
* Resumes
* Manuals
* Reports
- Theses
" Faxing Services
" Course Packets
" Graphic Design
" Booklet Binding
* Hard Bound Books
" Large Format Printing and Laminating
(up to three feet wide!)
" Banners
" Business Cards
" CD Duplication and Jewel Case Printing
" and more.....
The bottom line
The bottom line will always be how much
you are willing to spend on an item, no
matter what amazing features it may con-
tain. Prices vary slightly by carrier. Verizon
Wireless currently lists the Palm and
Samsung   both  at $499.99   and  the
Blackberry and Audiovox at a more afford-
able $299.99. These prices require the cus-
tomer to sign up for a two-year service con-
tract. Users must consider what type of
coverage they are willing to pay for, which
affects where they will get service and how
fast their connection will be.
The future
The phones in this article are all relatively
new, but there are always more products
on the horizon. For example, the Motorola
Q--which is due for release shortly but was
not out as of press time--boasts similar
technology to the other phones, but with a
few improvements. The Motorola Q is
Bluetooth-ready and has e-mail and
Internet capabilities similar to the other
phones. One of the key improvements is
that the Q is smaller and lighter than any of
the others. It also will run on a new operat-
ing system that is not yet available for any
other phone. Motorola claims that the
phone will be perfect for corporations
wishing to improve their mobile communi-
cation capabilities. Assuredly, another
company will follow with similar claims
for an even fancier new product. WI
Author Blo: Carly Mulliken is in her final
semester at UW-Madison and is delighted
to be spending time working with the
Wisconsin Engineer Magazine again. This
is her fifth article.
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APRIL 2006

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