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Furniss, Jon (ed.) / Wisconsin engineer
Volume 101, Number 2 (February 1997)

Scott, Trisha
When interviewing becomes your life,   pp. 16-17

Page 16

When Interviewing
Becomes Your Life
Fa mom, 1.
Often during an interview, the interviewer gives the prosepective
employee information on the goals and expectations of their company.
Interviewing is a very important part
of your education. It represents ev-
erything that you have strived for and
aspired to become... a professional. As
graduation draws near, it is difficult
to balance all the demands of this fi-
nal semester. Despite all the stress, this
is the reason you have worked so hard.
You desire a career that will give you
challenging experiences, various re-
sponsibilities, continuous growth and
endless opportunities. This all sounds
straight forward, but the journey
through education has been long and
tough. Little do you realize, it has only
just begun. You are about to reach the
most difficult and twisting road: the
road of interviewing.
An engineering interviewee's life be-
gins at 5:00 A.M., before the sun even
comes up. You must get down to the
Engineering Career Service (ECS) of-
fice to wait in the long tedious line for
a spot on the interview list. You are not
alone in this quest, some students ac-
tually camp out on the Engineering
Hall couches. Many fellow engineers
are patiently waiting for 7:15 A.M.
when the doors of the ECS office open.
Now for those of you who are not en-
gineers, I am certain this sounds ri-
diculous. But our open interview pro-
cess works on a first come, first serve
basis. So, if you want to in-
terview with a specific com-
pany, you must do what-    An (
ever it takes to secure your- life bE
self a spot. This is your fu-
ture!                           C
For some interviewees, the
early morning routine may vary. These
people are called "preselects". They
have been selected by the company, in
advance, to interview. Usually the
preselected interviewee is notified by
either a phone call or a letter. The
preselection title enables you to sign
up on a day designated only for
preselected recruits. This means that
you can come at anytime you choose
on the day before the schedule opens.
If, however, you are preselected and
forget to sign up, you loose the guar-
anteed interview. The consequence for
this mistake is that you must now
scramble for a chance to interview
along with everyone else.
After getting an interview, you must
begin to prepare. Preparation includes
researching the company and attend-
ing their open house. Both of these op-
portunities give you the chance to
learn everything you can about them.
This not only makes you knowledge-
able about what job opportunities they
have available, but it allows you to be-
come acquainted with the people and
the company prior to the interview.
Remember to ask any questions that
will help you figure out if this is the
place for you. After all, it is your ca-
So now you know about the company:
their goals, training programs and em-
ployees. The actual interview is the
engineer interviewee's
egins at 5:00, before the
sun even comes up
next step. This is where it all pays off.
Everything that you have learned in
school is going to come together. Now
is the time to sell yourself. Since you
have done your research, you know
that you are interested in their specific

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