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Carter, Hilda R.; Jenswold, John R. / The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire: a history, 1916-1976

Chapter IX: The view from the bridge,   pp. 113-126 PDF (8.2 MB)

Page 126

*.. AWSUF alone has the statewide structure 
and procedures to serve as a vehicle for coor- 
dinating the WSU faculties' position on issues 
relating to the merger. .... Moreover, it should 
be stressed that AWSUF has been deeply in- 
volved in the merger issue ever since the gover- 
nor first made his merger proposal early this 
year. AWSUF was instrumental in working 
out the principles and the language which were 
enacted into law by the legislature. 
In January 1972 President Weaver of the merged 
University of Wisconsin System, and Executive 
Vice President Leonard Haas of the System, met 
with the executive committee of AWSUF to discuss 
matters of mutual concern. Uppermost was the 
question of local autonomy versus a strong central 
administration, and the committee was assured 
that no conflict need exist as the chancellor and 
faculty of each individual institution of the merged 
system would be responsible for the operation of 
single institutions, with the work of central ad- 
ministration concentrated in coordination, planning, 
and fiscal control in order to insure maximum effi- 
ciency and to meet the public's expectation of the 
wisest use of state funds. 
Dr. Edward Muzik, president-elect, became chair- 
man of the joint steering committee on merger im- 
plementation, which included faculty senate repre- 
sentatives of the institutions in the former Wiscon- 
sin State Universities System and the AWSUF 
executive committee. On completion of a definition 
of position, cooperation of the faculty of the former 
University of Wisconsin on merger issues of mutual 
concern was anticipated. Roger Gribble of the 
Wisconsin State Journal reported in March 1972 
that faculty leaders of the two systems had met 
and agreed that AWSUF and the United Faculty 
Council of the former University of Wisconsin sys- 
tem would probably continue to exist while the 
Merger Implementation Committee, on which Dr. 
Marshall Wick was the representative of the former 
State Universities faculties, did its work. 
At the May 1972 meeting of AWSUF, Dr. Edward 
Muzik was installed as president, and the name of 
the organization was changed to The Association 
of University of Wisconsin Faculties, with the ini- 
tials TAUWF, indicating the more inclusive mem- 
bership with merger of the two university systems. 
When the expansion of TAUWF's business and the 
need to have someone in Madison to deal with 
emergency situations became apparent as merger 
proceeded, Dr. Edward Muzik resigned as president 
to accept the post of executive secretary of TAUWF 
at a salary comparable to that of a chancellor, as of 
June 11, 1973.24 
1 Semi-Annual Report, the Coordinating Committee for 
Higher Education, in Newsletter, July 1967, Vol. 2, No. 3, 
"Provisional Long-Range Plan for Higher Education Dis- 
Coordinating Council for Higher Education, file of news- 
paper clippings; see especially "Put Muscle in Co-ordinat- 
ing Council, Rothwell Urges," Milwaukee Journal, Febru- 
ary 4, 1970. Office of Public Information, UW-Eau Claire. 
'Bulletin of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, 
1975-76, p. 227. 
'The View, Summer 1968, p. 8. 
'Ibid., Spring 1970, pp. 8-9. Architects were Durrant, 
Deininger, Dommer, 'Kramer, and Gordon of Watertown, 
Wisconsin. The U.S. Public Health Service provided 
$574,474 to cover part of the cost of the building, and the 
State of Wisconsin provided the remainder. The completed 
and equipped building cost over $1.1 million. 
'The View, Spring 1966, p. 9. 
'Ibid., Fall 1967, p. 6; and Spring 1968, pp. 5-6. 
'Ibid., Fall 1966, pp. 3-4. 
'Ibid., Fall 1970, pp. 4-9. Architects were Larson, Play- 
ter, Smith Architects and Associates, Eau Claire. The Phil- 
lips organ gift described in The View, Winter 1971, facing 
p. 12. 
"Ibid., September 1973, p. 11; and December 1973, pp. 
14-15. Architects for the library addition were Berners, 
Shober, and Kilp, of Green Bay, Wisconsin, who also de- 
signed the original W. D. McIntyre Library. Federal grants 
accounted for $700,000 of the total cost, including remodel- 
ing the older building and equipment, of $3,780,000. 
Ii The View, December 1973, p. 15. 
'Ibid., Spring 1969, pp. 12-13. Architects were Potter, 
Lawson, Findlay and Pawlowsky, Madison, Wisconsin. Both 
the McPhee Center and the Fine Arts Center were selected 
for design awards by the Council of Educational Facility 
The View, Spring 1970, p. 23; Winter 1971, p. 19; Win- 
ter 1972, pp. 10-11; April 1974, pp. 17-18. 
14 The View, Spring 1971, pp. 5-8. 
" Interview, Jenswold with Haas, May 14, 1975. 
" The following programs are covered in The View, 1969- 
7The university has two computers, Burroughs 5500 
and 4700, giving it the largest computer system in the area. 
According to Rudolph Polenz, director of the computer 
center, it processes between 200,000 and 250,000 jobs each 
academic year. Following registration the staff works 12 
to 15 hours a day for several days to provide class lists for 
the first class meetings. In addition it processes the course 
master file, grades, student accounts, alumni names and 
addresses, personnel and financial information, and 30 
departments use the test scoring services of the center. 
" See Appendix A for full list of the university's accredi- 
" These programs are described in The View, Summer 
1966, p. 14; Fall 1968, pp. 11-14; Winter 1969, pp. 10-11; 
Summer 1969, p. 17; Spring 1970, pp. 6-7; Winter 1971, p. 
11; Fall 1972, pp. 8-9. John W. Morris's account of the 
Transitional Year Program appeared in The View, April 
1974, p. 24. 
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Handbook, Fourth Edition, August 1971. 
' Recollections of Dr. Wick and Dr. Lawrence Wahl- 
Records on AWSUF, 1967 to 1975, both state and local, 
including Minutes of the Board of Regents of the Wisconsin 
State Universities System through 1972, Office of Public 
Information, UW-Eau Claire. 

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