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Feldman, Jim (Writer) / The buildings of the University of Wisconsin

Hiram Smith Annex,   pp. 129-130

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Fig. 1. Hiram
Smith Hall on
the right, Smith
Annex on the
left, from the
north 1993.
[Author Photo,
Built in 1909 as expansion space for the dairy school, the Smith Hall annex has since
been home to veterinary science, the poultry department and is now laboratories for
the soils department.
n 1908 the regents, with the encouragement of the new dean of agriculture H. L. Russell, decided
that the best way to alleviate the crowding in the agriculture long courses was to erect three new
buildings, one of which was an annex to the dairy building to be built in the rear of the dairy
building.' This building was initially planned to be a basement and one or two stories at an estimated
cost of $9000. The plans for the dairy annex were drawn up by the office of Arthur Peabody, the
university's supervising architect in December 1908. By the summer of 1909 the building plans were
ready for bids and were put out for bids at the same time as the plans for the west wing addition to
the engineering building on Bascom Hill. Bids were sought in June of 1909 and opened on July 19,
1909, when the regents selected T. C. McCarthy who bid $57,683 for the construction of both
projects, the dairy annex and the engineering wing. McCarthy's bid is not broken down between the
two projects, but judging from the University's bookkeeping, the part of the bid for the dairy annex
was probably about $11,000.
The specifications for the job specify that there was a frame structure (of which no other
record is found) on the site of the annex, which to be removed as part of the contract. The old build-
ing was to be demolished, but the basement under it would be used as part of the basement for the
annex. Construction on the dairy annex was begun immediately after the contract was signed, about

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