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Nicholson, D.C. (ed.) / The Sphinx
Vol. 8, No. 1 (September 22, 1906)

The Sphinx,   pp. [unnumbered]-ix

Page 3

And yet it seems to us that just in the proportion as the education of young men is
reduced to a scientific process, the one great unknown quantity is neglected. There are
one, or two, or more individuals in every few thousands who like to think, who have
ideas that struggle for expression. It is by self expression that the mind grows.
Where is the provision for the various forms of artistic self expression in the modern
educational pant? The answer comes that he who has ideas will learn the artist's me-
dium and express himself, whatever his environment. And this is true. But what of
those who have but a spark of the fire? The men who would express themselves, and
develop in so doing, were the avenue open? We believe that there are many such. Is
not the tendency of our spirit to kill artistic ambition?
In the highest sense, happiness is the end of all our training. There is no joy like
that of creation, of artistic self expression. Give, then, every man his chance whether
his creations are in themselves of value to the world or not. They have their use to him.
IEN THE CLASS of 190S announced its prize play contest last spring
the conditions were published in the Daily Cardinal. This competi-
tion is open to any undergraduate; the prize is fifty dollars or more,
and the plays must be in on November fifteenth, nineteen hundred
and six. Further conditions may be learned on application to any
member of the play committee. A letter in care of the Cardinal or
THE SPHINX will be cheerfully answered. We might add that anyone
who has a grudge against any custom, characteristic or peculiarity of
Wisconsin has an opportunity to get even by writing up his kick in dramatic form.
We would like to write a lot about the athletic situation, but the essence of it is
this: Make the best of conditions which are no worse than those our rivals are facing,
and things will take a turn for the better.
THE SPHINX is the only independent medium of expression open to Wisconsin stu-
dents. Its columns are always open to those men who have so far advanced in their at-
tempts at self-expression that their creations are pleasing to others.
Class spirit in the Commonwealth is inimical to democratic ideals; class spirit in the
University fosters them; therefore, THE SPHINX will continue to print the names of those
freshmen who persist in imitating their elders by wearing derbies and smoking pipes on
the campus.
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The Sphinx

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