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Braley, A.B. (ed.) / The Sphinx
Vol. 6, No. 2 (October 19, 1904)

The Sphinx: Slang number,   pp. [unnumbered]-ix

Page 13

HEN A FEW fellows were gathered together for a social smoke not long since,
some one of the bunch suggested that it was time the irrepressible Freshmen
were repressed.  "Why," he said, "I see 'em go piking down the street with
dicers on their heads and pipes in their faces, and swaggering as if they owned
the joint. Why ain't they sat on a little, not just by the Sophs but by everybody. Don't
have to haze 'em, just make a few rules, back up those rules with the three upper classes,
and Mr. Fresh will wilt like a Prom collar."
His words seemed good to those assembled, and they hailed the plan with acclaim.
Wherefore, if the Senior class is of like mind with them, this year will see the inaugu-
ration of a few traditions at Wisconsin, and traditions are what Wisconsin lacks.
Now to the ultra conventional mind the idea of a few rules of conduct laid down for
Freshmen is purely idiotic. But it isn't.
Such rules make seniority in the Varsity mean something. They help build up class
spirit, they chasten the rambunctious, and they throw a glamor about college life, a
glamor which has, in Wisconsin's rapid materialistic development almost departed.
Here's to the success of the rules if they have passed, and, if they haven't, success
to them anyhow.
Prospecting Freshman from Podunk-
"Gosh, I'd rather have a place where they
do up collars and cuffs."
Schmeare-By George, every game I play
I lose. I haven't won a game of any kind
for months.
Pinuckle-Sort of a game loser, eh.
"Would it cost me your friendship if I
should kiss you?"
"It might, but there are risks in every
Back off from the maid who is wise,
otherwise shalt thou spend over many
simoleons without use.
When a piece of calico starts the guff in
the direction of "how she is misunder.
stood,"-head in!
The smoothest way to bump Louis' ma.
chine? Don't.
Beware of the lady with the coyly
naughty blue lamps, beware, she worketh
thee.                         M. K.
The Sphinx

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