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Bohi, M. Janette / A history of Wisconsin State University Whitewater, 1868-1968

[Preface] Preface,   pp. ix-x

Page ix

The centennial history of an institution needs to be panoramic. Within its
covers there must emerge the subtle blending of yesterday and tomorrow 
which gives today its decisive significance. The task of gathering the 
events of a century into one volume without blurring the picture, then, 
becomes the anxious concern of an author. The names of most of the 
people whose connection with this University has brought it to this hour
of celebration have not been mentioned in the text; history is written 
that way, due to lack of space and information. The reader will sense, 
however, that the acclaim rendered Whitewater's leaders took root in 
the labors of unnamed followers-and it is the desire of this writer that
the friends and relatives of that great company may take secret pride in
this centennial view of time's sovereign operation upon the institution.
This presentation, like the century it seeks to portray, has been the 
work of many hands. To former President Walker D. Wyman, whose five- 
year tenure brought to a brimming conclusion Whitewater's first century,
I am indebted for inspiration, encouragement, and administrative direc- 
tion. Dr. Edward J. Morgan, chairman of the Department of History, 
read the manuscript and has granted the necessary released time from 
teaching duties to accomplish the writing. Dr. Donald Graham, Dean of 
the School of Graduate Studies, read the manuscript and offered sug- 
gestions. Dr. Gordon E. Parks, University Archivist and chairman of the 
Centennial Committee, has cooperated by giving of his own time and by 
sharing the excellent and faithful services of his assistant, Mr. John E.
Riggert, who checked numerous statistics and whose hand penned several 
items in the Appendix. I acknowledge also the contribution of Dr. Cord 
0. Wells, Vice President for Academic Affairs, whose Foreword honored 
this volume just before he retired from forty-two years of service to the
institution. Mrs. Mary Mills, Director of Public Information, has seen to
such details as the format of the book. Mr. Wallace E. Zastrow, Director
of Field Services, has shouldered the business end of publication. The 
Whitewater Historical Society graciously permitted the use of some of its
materials, and the hospitality of Editor Charles B. Coe made it possible
me to handle over a century of Whitewater Registers in that office. Much
early information has been taken from Prosper Cravath's Early Annals of 

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