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Swoboda, Marian J.; Roberts, Audrey J. / They came to learn, they came to teach, they came to stay

Langill, Ellen D.
Chapter 2: Women at Wisconsin: 1909-1939,   pp. 11-30

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also warned, however, of the "winds of war" that would call forth
the utmost
energies of campus women. "The threats of war make it important that
have and disseminate all possible information about new work for women. .
and also the ramifications of the defense program for our women students."'4
In the thirty years from 1909 to 1939, women at UW-Madison had grown
from the status of sheltered and segregated "coeds" to full participants
campus life - proving their excellence in scholarship, in leadership, and
cultural and political activities. Sprung from complacency by one war and
their own battles for suffrage and for equality, they were ready to play
a role
in another war, in the armed forces, in the medical corps, in industry, or
campus organizations. It remained for campus women in the decades after
1945 to continue the slow process of achieving full equality on the campus,
to carry on the progress "thus far so nobly advanced."
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