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Haney, Richard Carlton / Campus cornerstones, University of Wisconsin--Whitewater : biographical sketches of the people for whom buildings & facilities are named


The University
of Wisconsin -
Whitewater has
over fifty
buildings and
other facilities
that are named in
honor of people
who have
Richard C. Haney     contributed to the
life of the campus. I was happy to accept the
request by Chancellor H. Gaylon Greenhill to
write the brief biographies of those men and
women for this collection.
The focus of these essays is on the people,
rather than the buildings or facilities that
bear their names. Alumni and professors
who walk down the Wyman Mall might be
curious about Walker Wyman. Citizens who
attend a play in the Hicklin Studio Theatre
could have an interest in the identity of
Fannie Hicklin. Students who live in Fischer
Residence Hall might like to know something
about Warren Fischer.
Since the Whitewater campus was
founded in 1868 it has been known as
Whitewater Normal School for Teachers
(1868-1927), Whitewater State Teacher's
College (1927-51), Wisconsin State College at
Whitewater (1951-64), Wisconsin State
University - Whitewater (1964-71), and the
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater (since
1971). Readers should not be confused by
changes in campus terminology. For
example, the Chancellor was known as the
President prior to 1971.
The Kame Room, the Kettle Room, and
the Esker, Drumlin, and Moraine buildings
are named after Whitewater area glacial
The Center of the Arts, the Nature
Preserve, the Greenhouse, the Old Main
Alumni Center, the Observatory, the Tennis
Courts, and many other buildings and
facilities do not, as yet, bear a "name".
I am indebted to all those people who
eased my research and writing tasks.
>C. 74amC.
Richard C. Haney
Professor of History, UW-Whitewater
September 1997

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