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McMahon, Edward M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 9, Number 1 and 2 (Oct. 1907)

Progress of the University,   pp. 7-20

Page 19

                THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE                         19
L. Hensey, Jefferson. Company D-       In  view  of the reports which
Captain, Michael H. Flynn, Hart-    alumni have probably received, it is
ford-, first lieutenant, W. B. Schulte,  well to say that no serious accident
Madison; second   lieutenant, J. T.  occurred.
Wilsh, Madison; first sergeant, J. D.
Van Slyke, Madison. Company F-         In the first issues of the Wisconsin
Captain, Lester B. Orr, Aft. Hope;  Literary Magazine several changes
first lieutenant, K. F. Green, Wau-  over previous years serve to demon-
kesha; second  lieutenant, A. W.               strate that what was an
Ovitt, Waukesha; first sergeant, D.  The Lit  experiment a few years
A. Menzies, Janesville.              ago is now   an accomplished fact.
                                     Among the changes in the publica-
  In repetition of last year's policy  tion for the better are a better gen-
of student control of the class rush  eral appearance  and  an  increase
a committee of the Students' Con-   from  thirty to forty-two pages of
          ference Committee again   reading matter. A cash prize of ten
The Rush  chose twenty upperclass-  dollars is offered for the best con-
men who had-general supervision of  tribution  of  an   underclassman
the_"-x-6sh," and used the same set  handed in before Dec. 1. John
--  rules which were used last year.  Mulany  is  editing  and  Willard
That the plan worked successfully   Stephenson manager of the magazine.
was the practically unanimous ver-
dict of those who witnessed the        Thirty-six men have been initiated
event. The men selected were: John  into the "hill" debating societies.
Messmer, chairman; Ralph Hetzel,    The initiates are:
Art Frank, George Wilder, George       Athanve-Harold  Martin, Center-
Mathews, Albert Stetten, Lee Hunt-  ville; Russell Webster, Aberdeen, S.
iey, George- -Hannan, -Ned - Jones, -          D. _C. R-ckwell -Fletcher,
Charles Marcein, H. L. Myers, Har-  Debating  Knapp;   F. J.   Wilde,
lan B. Rogers, Willard Stephenson,  Initiate  Milwaukee;  Arthur   H.
Arthur Schwohn, Joseph Keno, John              Noyes, Baraboo; Isidore
Mullaney, Bryant Ryall, Edward       Rehfuss, La Crosse; Lester Johns.
Stiehm, Hilbert Wallber, and Felix  Dodgeville; Ray  Stephenson, Stur-
Ziedel back.                         geon Bay.
  The following rules governed the    Hesperia-Archie Dean, Madison:
event:                               John Dinold Black, Fort Atkinson:
                                     William H. Spohn, Janesville; John
  1. Neither class shall use any raft,Benr    ThmsBli;Lo
     boator loaofanykin.             Bernard    Thompson,   Blair; Leon.
boat or float of any kind.         lMoss, Sparta; William H. Johnson.
  2. No flag, pennant or any other  Hudson; Albert H. Ochsner, Chi-
emblem shall be hoisted on any pole, cago, Ill.; G. R. Philp, Madison: Roy
building or tree.                    Perry Bean, Retreat; Roger L. Ode-
  3. The rush shall begin not earlier  gard. Merrill.
than four o 'clock in the afternoon   Philomathia-Arthur   End, She-
and shall terminate promnptly at six  boy-an; Carl Haessler. Ewvald Stein-
o'clock.                             hagen, Fred Werk, Alexander Le

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