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McMahon, Edward M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 9, Number 1 and 2 (Oct. 1907)

Progress of the University,   pp. 7-20

Page 18

B. Frost, '08, Almond; Julius 0.    the adviser of women and a lunch
Roehl, '08, Milwaukee; and G. A.    room.   The second and third floors
Gesell, '08, Madison. These men are  will be given over to the gymnasium,
all among the most prominent de-    a concert room seating 500 people,
baters in the University.            th egynasium offices and lockers and
                                     dressing rooms. On the fourth floor
  The following is the make up of   the various societies will have rooms.
the Girls' Glee Club, as a result of
a try-out:   Misses Mary   Bewick,    The organization of the six com-
          Pauline Murphy, Helen     panies of the two battalions of the
GrleeClub  Dodge, Selma   Toepper,  regiment includes the following ap-
          Irma Wohlenberg, Ethel               pointments:   First bat-
Churchill, Mabel Williams, Louise   Battalions talion-Major, Frank M.
Walker, Bella Wilmanns, L. Hali-    Organized Kennedy; first lieuten-
                                  -for Drill
day, Frances Cleary, Louise Epstein,            ant and adjutant, W. J.
Blanche Rosencrans, Grace Dunwid-   Torrance, La Crosse; second lieuten-
die, Alma Schultz, Rose Wagner,     ant and quartermaster, A. E. Mein-
Eva Lewis, Grace Bewick, A. Nel- icke, Milwaukee; sergeant major, F.
son, and Hilga Swan. One-half of    A. Schunchel, Kenosha; quartb  as-
the girls are new students.          ter sergeant, L. M. Hammand, Wan
                                     watosa. Company A-Captain, R.
  The Sphinx is being published by  G. Saxton, Madison; first lieutenant,
the following staff: George B. Hill,  Samuel Kerr, Oak Park, Ill.; second
The Sphin  editor;  John  Mulany,   lieutenant, Otto Wiese, Avoca, Ia.;
           assistant editor; JoKeho,  first sergeant, 0. H. Nelson, Stough-
art editor, and  Gustave G. Blatz,  ton. Company C-Captain, Donald
manager.                             R. Mihills, Fond du Lac; first lieu-
                                     tenant, P. H. Buchanan, Indianapo-
  The new   women's dormuitory is   lis, Ind.; second lieutenant, R. E.
now an assured thing and the co-eds  Dougherty, Grafton, N. D.; first ser-
are jubilant. In December the final  geant, H. A. Schuette, Green Bay.
             bids will be received  Company    E-Captain, Alonzo    B.
Dowmitoen's and t h e c o n t r a e s  Ordway, Madison; first lieutenant,
             awarded so that work   H. A. Olds, Milwaukee; second lieu-
may be begun early in the spring.   tenant, R. A. Gesell, Alma; first
  When completed the building will  sergeant, Alfred Prinz, 'Milwaukee.
cost approximately $200,000 and will  Second Battalion-Major. Philip
be one of the finest buildings on the  F. Schwenlker: first lieutenant and
campus.  It is to be four stories  adjutant, H. J. Newman, M1ilwau-
high, including the basement; its   kee; second lieutenant and quLarter-
length will be 240 feet and its width  master, S. A. Pease,, Wauawatosa;
72 feet at the widest part. In the  quartermaster sergeant, T. AT. Rev-
basement there will be a swimming   nolds, -Milwa-aukee.  Comipany  B-
pool, four bowling alleys, a game   Captain. Edgar B. Colladav, Macli-
room  and two kitchens.   On the    son; first lieutenant, J. R. Newiman,
first floor there will Ie the parlors,  Madison: second lieutenant. H. -1.
a reception room, the apartments of  Winsor. Mauston; first sergeant J.

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