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McMahon, Edward M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 9, Number 1 and 2 (Oct. 1907)

Progress of the University,   pp. 7-20

Page 16

velop in the student the ability to see  which should be prepared for each,
the interesting and important ele-   by writing separate reports for these
ments in the news of the day, and to  different papers. In order that the
describe them in clear, concise, and  members of the class may see their
fluent English.  Early in the year   own stories in comparison with those
before the students have learned to  published in the newspapers, the reg-
find the news in what is going on    ular newspaper reports of the same
about them, all of the members of the  events that the students have "cov-
class are assigned  to  report some  ered" are taken up and discussed
event that is to take place before the  class, and the members are encour-
next meeting  of the class. These    aged to make similar comparisons
"stories" are turned in to the in-   from day to day. The greater
structor and are corrected by him.   of the junior work is taken up with
At the meeting of the class a num-   the work of the reporter and the
ber of typical reports are read and  corrrespondent. The Sunday special
their merits and faults discussed by  and feature story also forms a part
the class and the instructor.  In a  of this year's woik.  A number of
comparatively  short time the stu-   these stories prepare&iby the stu-
dents generally learn to write a con-  dents have been published wifl'l
cise, readable story of a variety of  trations, by the Sunday papers, to
events ranging from  football to re-  which they have been submitted. The
ceptions, and from  class rushes to  editing of copy, the writing of heads,
mass meetings. Later on they are     and  incidentally  for practice the
given practice in reporting speeches,  reading of proof forms a parf of the
lectures, addresses, first by having  senior year's work. Practice in edi-
the instructor read slowly and dis-  torial writing, dramatic  criticism,
tinctly some speech or lecture and   and other types of special newspaper
afterwards by having them    report  writing, is given during the senior
public speakers. Similar methods are  year.  No text-book is used, but a
followed in getting material on an   number of the practical hand-books
assigned subject or interview. Each  on various phases of journalistic work
student in turn interviews the in-   are used for reference. The students
structor on some subject and is criti-  are encouraged to subscribe for sev-
cized on the way in which he goes    eral of the most carefully written
about his task and on the form in    dailies of the country, and to change
which he writes up his story.        their selection from time to time so
  The importance of developing a     that in the course of the year they
"nose for news" is also emphasized,  may become faniifiar with
the style
and students are required to turn in  and make up of a dozen or more of
one news story a day for a month or  the leading papers.
more after they have had some pre-
liminary practice. In this connection         STUDENT ACTIVITY
the relative news value of the same    The university opened its fifty-sev-
event for the college daily, a. Madi-  enth year with an initial enrollment
son paper, and a Milwaukee or Chi-   which indicates a total attendance
cago paper, is considered; and the                 for the year in all de-
students are required to determine   Enrollment partments of 4,072 stu-
the length and character of the story  dents.  At the  end of the first

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