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McMahon, Edward M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 9, Number 1 and 2 (Oct. 1907)

Progress of the University,   pp. 7-20

Page 15

                  THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE                         
  sity of Wisconsin during the past   expression, and see the essential re-
  year are of more than passing inter-  lation  between  the  elements and
  est. The university authorities have  qualities of style.
  not attempted to establish a college  The technical work    consists of
  of journalism, but have organized   courses in  newspaper writing de-
  courses of study consisting of sub-  signed to give the students as much
  jects, a knowledge of which is gener-  practice as possible in the kind
  ally recognized as essential for jour-  work that they will be required
  nalism of the best type. These new  do. Various means are used to give
  training courses have been developed  the students the maximum amount of
  gradually during the past two years,  practical experience.  They are as-
  and the first formal announcement   signed to report actual events, the
  of them has recently been made in 'a  copy that they turn in is often pub-
  bulletin of the University entitled,  lished in the University daily or
  "Courses Preparatory to Journal-    other newspapers, and they are
  ism," in which is explained in de-  couraged to obtain additional
  tail the character-and scope of the  tice by reporting for local papers,
  work. Trading is provided both for  by acting as correspondents for other
  studiesh - preparing  for newspaper  daily or weekly papers. Several times
,work and for those desiring to take  during each year the class in news-
up trade and technical journalism.  paper writing has prepared a daily
   The studies outlined in the bulle-  paper which has been "set up"
 tin for students interested in news-  typewriters in column width, and a
 paper work   are of three kinds:    dummy "made up" in regular
 First, those designed to familiarize  with headlines, space for advertising,
 them  with. present social, political,  etc. A fairly thorough knowledge
 industrial, and commercial conditions  the mechanical side of newspaper
 in the light of-their history and de-  makino, including the -observation-
 velopment, as well as with literature  Linotype machines, presses, stereo-
 in English and other modern lan-    typing, etc., has been gained by fre-
 guages; second, those designed to de-  quent tours of the local newspaper
 velop the power of expressing ideas  offices. A comparative study of the
 effectively in writing; third, those  style and "make up" of the
 intended to give the necessary tech-  ing newspapers of the country has
 nical instruction in the history, de-  also been made by the students by
 velopment, organization, and meth-  using the exchanges of the Madison
 ods   of  present-day   journalism.  and Milwaukee papers. The history
 Throughout the four years, special  and development of the American
 attention is given to practice in writ-  press is likewise considered, with
 ing in composition courses, the aim  ample material furnished by the un-
 of which is to give prospective jour-  usually complete files of newspapers
 nalists the ability to express them-  in the library of the state historical
 selves in clear, forcible. idiomatic  society which shares with the Univer-
 English. Closely correlated withthese  sity library the imposing building
 is a study of the strueture and style  the lower campus.
 of modern English prose, so that stu-  In the class in newspaper writing
 dents may analyze models of effective  the methods used are intended to

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