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McMahon, Edward M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 9, Number 1 and 2 (Oct. 1907)

Progress of the University,   pp. 7-20

Page 14

  The School of Music will have     New York. Of the members in the
three artists' recitals each semester  first class in newspaper writing,
              this year. In connec-  number are now engaged in journal-
Three Recitals tion with these Pro-  istic work on the following papers:
a Semester   fessor R. 'G. Cole, the  St. Paul Pioneer Press, Milwaukee
new dean, will give a public lecture  Journal, Wisconsin State Journal,
on the day of each recital.           Madison    Democrat; Moline     (Ill.)
                                       Herald, and Milwaukee Evening Wis-
  The faculty has chosen the follow-  consin.
ing members to represent them  on     Schools of journalism  have been
             the athletic board: Dr.  proposed from  time to time, and
Faculty Men  C. P. Hutchins, Profes-  some have actually been established,
Bon Ardhletic  sor M. C. Beebe, Pro-  but the movement has not been wide-
             fessor J. F. A. Pyre,   spread and the schools have not de-
Professor H. L. Smith, and Professor  veloped into institutions of import-
C. R. Bardeen. The size of the board  ance. A movement of the most prom-
has been increased from four to five  ising of the several projects in this
members.                               direction, that of Mr. Joseph Pulit-
                                       zer for the establishment of an ade-
  The first steps in the organization  quately endowed college of journal-
of the new department of journalism  ism  in connection with  Columbia
were taken two years ago when Pro-  University, was favorably received
           fessor Willard C. Bleyer, by the press of the country, but un-
The New   now head of the courses   fortunately differences of opinion be-
Courselism preparatory  to journal- tween the founder of the university
           ism, organized a course in  and the university authorities has
newspaper writing.   Some thirty    delayed  indefinitely the  establish-
young men and women elected the     ment of the institution.  So-called
work and manifested great interest  correspondence schools of journal-
in the training which it gave. The  ism  apparently  have   been  the
members of the class organized a    most flourishing undertakings in this
press club, the membership of which  field, and  as a result the term
has reached fifty. At the close of  "school of journalism is likely
to call
each year the University Press Club  up in the mind of the busy editor
gives a dinner at which a number of  visions of badly prepared copy sub-
the newspaper men of the state are  mitted by ambitious students of these
the speakers. As a part of the course  correspondence schools who have been
a number of special lecturers have  deluded into  believing that after
been secured, including Malcolm C.  twenty lessons by mail, they could
Douglas, managing editor of the Mil-  at once become well paid correspond-
waukee Sentinel; Henry C. Camp-     ents of metropolitan newspapers.
bell, managing editor of the Milwau-  In view of this condition of edu-
kee Journal; Col. W. T. Anderson,   cation for newspaper and editorial
editor of the Wisconsin State Jour-  work, the special training courses for
nal; Henry E. Legler, formerly of   students preparing to enter various
the Milwaukee Sentinel, and Frank  fields of journalistic  activity, that
WAT. Skinner of theEngineering News,  have been developed at the Univer-

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