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McMahon, Edward M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 9, Number 1 and 2 (Oct. 1907)

Progress of the University,   pp. 7-20

Page 13

                THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE                          13
 a leave of absence for one year, is at  Dr. S. M. Babcock, chemist of the
                   present residing at  Wisconsin College of Agriculture.
 Professor Hohifeld  Dresden, his na-
 Doing Research   tive city, where he   During the past year 180 requests
 Germany          is carrying on sci-  for graduates of the College of Ag-
                   entific  investiga-  riculture as farm helpers, assistants
 tions at the libraries of that city.  and managers were received by the
 He will also carry on research work  faculty.
 at the University of Leipsic, his alma
 mater, and   at the University   of     Professor R. A. Moore of the de-
 Berlin.                              partment of agronomy read a paper
   Professor Hohlfeld spent the last  on "Breeding and Dissemination
month in   travel with  Dr. Martin   Hardy Varieties of Corn" at the
Haertel, instructor in  the German   tional Corn   Congress in   Chicago,
department, who is also on leave of   Oct. 9.
absence. Dr. Haertel is at present
engaged in philological research at     The value of a college course in
the University of Berlin.             preparation for an active career in
                                      the business world is indicated by
  The first summer session of the               the number and character
College of Law proved a great sue-   Commerce of positions filled by grad-
cess. The new undertaking demon-                uates of the Commerce
               strated the need of a  Course  at the  Wisconsin   univer-
Summer        summer term for stu-   sity.  Statistics just compiled show
Sessiocn of the  dents of law, as well  that of the ninety-one graduates
               as for those in other  this course during the past seven
departments of the university. Con-  years, sixty-eight are holding places
sidering the late date at which it was  of responsibility with large commer-
decided to organize a summer law     cial and industrial concerns in va-
school, the attendance was gratify-   rious parts of the country. Practi-
ing.  The statistics of enrollment   cally every field of business activity
show that many of the students in     is represented among the number.
attendance were school principals,
teachers and others who are studying    Professor David Houston of the
law  but who are unable to attend    Royal College of Science at Dublin,
the regular terms of the course.      Ireland, visited our College of Agri-
Next year, when the existence of the              culture with a view to
summer session in law   has become   Noted Visitor obtaining ideas for use
more generally known, it is antici-  to Our       in  the  erection  and
pated that the enrollment will pass  Agricul      equipment of the new
         the hundred mark.          ~School       eupeto         h   e
the hundred mark.                                 building for which the
                                      Irish government has recently voted
  In an article in The World To-day  an  appropriation. Professor J. F.
entitled  "Guaranteeing  a Nation's  Duggar, director of the Alabama
Milk" by W. S. Harwood, he speaks    periment Station also came to Madi-
very complimentarily of the work of   son on a similar errand.

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