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McMahon, Edward M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 9, Number 1 and 2 (Oct. 1907)

Progress of the University,   pp. 7-20

Page 12

  On his return to America he was   for   suggestions  of  general help
elected professor of music and di-   and  new   discoveries in the line
rector of theSchool of Music in Ripon  of household  conveniences.  These
College (Ripon, Wis.), which posi-   were arranged appropriately by the
tion he resigned at the end of two   home economics department and ex-
years to accept a similar one in Iowa  hibited at the annual convention of
College (Grinnell, Ia.), where he re-  the State Federation of Women's
mained seven years. Since 1902 he    Clubs, held at Fond du Lac Octo-
has resided in Chicago as teacher,   ber 18.
composer and   editor.  For many
years he has been prominent in the     Mr. G. H. Benkendorf of the Dairy
affairs of the Music Teachers' Na-   School has   invented  a  practical
tional Association, and in 1902-03 he  method  for the  determination  of
served it as president. For the four            moisture in butter. The
years preceding his coming to Madi-  Benkendorf National Pure Food Law
son he was editor of "Good Music,"   Makes     makes the sale of
a bimonthly journal of review, pub-  Invention  containing more than 16
lished in Chicago. He was for three  per cent moisture a penal offense;
years president of the "Triangle,    pe"etmitr             ea 
                                 y   consequently an accurate means of
a club of thirty of Chicago's most   quickly  determining  the  moisture
prominent musicians. He is also a    has long been a problem for research.
member of the Chicago Literary      halogbeaprlmfrrsac.
                                       The method developed by Mr. Ben-
Club and of the New York Manu-
sclubian Softhet   New York Manu-kendorf, assisted by K. L. Hatch, su-
script Society.                      prnedn         ftearclua
  Professor Cole is a composer of    perintendent  of  the  agricultural
recognized  ability  and  established  school at Winneconne, makes use of
rank, and his published works al- the principle of the high pressure
ready number nearly sixty, includ-   oven. By its use, a buttermaker in
ing compositions for voice, piano,   the smallest creamery can easily as-
organ, violoncello, chorus, and  or-  certain the legal amount of moisture.
chestra.  Among   his unpublished    No scientific training is required to
works are a sonata for piano and     understand the simple operations;
violin, a Passacaglia and a Festival  neither are expensive reagents or
march for two pianos, two Romanzas   glass necessary. Any creamery can
for violin, an Orchestral Suite, and  be easily equipped with an outfit,
several smaller works for voice and  after which there is no furher ex-
various instruments.                 pense connected with it. MIr. Benken-
                                      dorf discussed the Wisconsin high
   Miss Caroline Hunt, head of the
 department of home economics, is     pressure oven before the National
 agitating a novel undertaking of the  Dairymen's convention held in the
            State Federation of Wo-  International Ampitheater at Chi-
 Novel      men's  Clubs.  At her    cago. A bulletin on the subject will
 Undertaking instigation  letters have  be out in the near future.
 Agitated by isiainlteshv
 Miss Hunt  been sent to all of the
            several hundred women's    Professor A. R. Hohlfeld, head of
 clubs throughout the state, asking  the department of German, who is on

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