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McMahon, Edward M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 9, Number 1 and 2 (Oct. 1907)

Progress of the University,   pp. 7-20

Page 9

                  THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE                         
 ology, anatomy and bacteriology al-  anatomy, and the other in topograph-
 ready  organized, together with the  ical anatomy. There is now a course
 new   departments   of  physiology,  in general hygiene in the bacteriol-
 pathology, pharmacology and toxi-    ogy department. In botany there is
 cology, make it possible for the uni-  a new seminary, a course in algae
 versity to give the best possible    and fungi, and one in phycology. In
 training in these subjects which are  the chemistry  department work is
 fundamental for successful medical   offered in qualitative and quantita-
 practice.  Practical experience  at  tive analysis, both elementary and
 other large institutions, like Cornell,  advanced, in inorganic chemistry,
 Chicago and California has shown     elementary  organic  chemistry, re-
 that the work of the first two years  search in organic chemistry, and a
 medical course may be taken with    seminary in inorganic chemistry, be-
 great advantage at a university some  side a conference for thesis students.
 distance removed from the institu-   The English department has nine
 tion at which the clinical work is   new   courses  in  modern  English
 pursued. Upon this opinion the ma-   prose, 18th century literature, the
 jority of the leading physicians and  novel, epic poetry, versification,
 medical educators of the country are  lysle and Ruskin Shakesperian criti-
 agreed.                                cism, predecessors of Shakespeare,
   Two years work in the funda         and a teacher's course in rhetoric.
 mental medical sciences has been ar-  There are ten new French courses
 ranged in the new medical college    in  rapid  sight  reading,  classic
 with  a  schedule in the   medical   drama, 19th century drama, general
 courses of the highest requirement.  survey, the 19th century novel, Kid-
 The chief studies of the first year  dle French, Provencal, principles of
 are systematic human anatomy, his-   language, a seminary in Old French,
 tology, neurology, organic and physi-  and a teacher's course. The geology
 ological chemistry. In the second    department has added three courses,
 year  topographical anatomy, with   those in   structural and  economic
 physical diagnosis, pharmacology and  geology and in paleontology. In the
 toxicology  are the chief subjects.  German department are nine new
 The courses have been arranged in    courses, those in Goethe, 19th cen-
 conjunction with the regular pre-    tury lyric poetry, literary relations,
 medical course which has been given  19th century novel, German drama,
 for the past twenty-five years so that  general phonetics, Gothic, classic
 a logical sequence of studies may be  German philology, and early modern
 followed and that the student may    high  German.   Courses in   Greek
 concentrate his work upon closely al-  prose, lyric poets, orators, prose
 lied studies.                         position, modern   Greek, and lyric
                                       poetry are added to the Greek de-
  Of the ninety-six new courses of  partment, and a course in Dante to
studies added to those offered in   the study   of Italian.  There are
twenty-four of the forty-two depart-  eleven new history courses, four be-
            ments   of  instruction,  ing ancient, one the literature of
Cudditiou totwo are in the anatomy  American history, one Roman impe-
            department. one   being  rial institutions, one the development
a course in the elements of human    of principate, one English constitu-

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