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McMahon, Edward M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 9, Number 1 and 2 (Oct. 1907)

Editorial,   pp. [3]-6

Page 6

of arranging for the freshmen to      vantage to his school than the in-
call on upper classmen who will talk  come from the big bequest.
with them  regarding university af-     The income from that $3,000,000,
fairs and especially as to the activi-  invested at 5 per cent, would aver-
ties of the university which it will  age $375 to the members of the fac-
pay the new men to enter. This plan   ulty and the entire number of stu-
will go into operation next year and  dents; and there are few schools as
it promises to do much toward im-     richly  endowed  in  comparison  to
proving the social relation of the    their  needs  as  that.-Milwaukee
student body.                         Free Press.
                                         A new feature of this magazine
       ATHLETICS AND MONEY            is the department "What My Alma
  A  gentle Quakeress of Philadel-   Mater Needs."    Articles written
phia  recently  died, leaving   the   this heading, so long as they are at
Swarthmore College a bequest valued   all worthy of the consideration of
at $3,000,000 with the queer condi-   the university and alumni, will be
tions that only by "at once drop-     published. Of course, it can not
ping all athletics " can the college  expected that - the opinions of
come   into  possession.  President   magazine will always coincide with
Swain thinks that the trustees of    the ideas of the writer of these arti-
the college will refuse the bequest.  cles. Hence we shall not be willing
  Here is a good opportunity forthe   to shoulder the responsibility  for
wise ones who profess to know all     such articles. Our idea in opening
about colleges, never having been in-  this department is to give alumni
side of one, to do more prattling     greater opportunity for freedom  of
about the development of muscle at    expression, through their own me-
the expense of developing brains,     dium, as to how the university can
and all that sort of talk.  But let  be improved. Here's an opportunity
them   understand   that  President   for alumni who are crying, "What's
Swain would not throw the $3,000,000  the matter with Wisconsin?" to
over his shoulder unless he believed  only tear down but also build up.
that athletics would be of greater ad-  Follow these articles.

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