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McMahon, Edward M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 9, Number 1 and 2 (Oct. 1907)

Editorial,   pp. [3]-6

Page 5

                 THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE                          
 move the objections to our system.    tion the president wants especially
 But even if neither of these systems    the new students to understand cer-
 would meet the requirements here,     tain things. He told them that the
 we believe that we can solve this     "University authorities recognize
 situation as we have solved others,     difference between the man who is
 and that so long as the regents con-    earning his livelihood and the one
 tinue to admire a "fair fight" they     who comes here with ample
 will allow  the brawn of the state,     It is the nine-tenths instead of
 which comes here for the first time,    one-tenth that really goes to make
 to  compare its strength    with  the   the university.  He does not say
 muscle which has been here for one    that because of the presence of this
 year.                                 small fraction of financially fortun-
                                       ate students, we do not possess a
 SOCIAL RELATIONS AMONG STUDENTS       state  university  essentially  demo-
   In this number of the magazine is   cratic. No. But he does infer, that
to be found, in part, an address de-    because of the opportunity     which
livered by President Van Hise at      this financially fortunate few  have
the first convocation, upon the sub-    for displaying their conduct, many
ject, "Maintenance of Democracy in    people in the state are beginning
the University." It would seem that   think that these few     are the
in view of certain conditions which     university. And since the new stu-
exist  in  the University  a  better  dents have only recently come from
theme could not have been discussed     that point of view, it is well that
before the student body and espe-     they "be not mistaken on this
cially the students who were here     The man for them to emulate is not
for the first time.  The conditions   the one who is the leader in social
which called forth this topic should    affairs but the one who is the leader
be made known to the alumni. As       in the class room, in the debating
brought out by the president they     society, in the various student en-
are, in brief, these:   Because they    terprises which  advance the inter-
have more money, about one-tenth      terests of the university as a whole."
of the students are more in evidence    The  president   then  appealed 
socially than the other nine-tenths.    pecially  to  the older students
The  students who    are financially  the university  to do all in their
more fortunate from   the time they   power to make easier the life of the
enter the University occupy, accord-  less fortunate. He suggests what has
ing to the popular expressions, "a    been done at Oxford and Cambridge
higher  social position."  No fair-   to solve this same problem, of
minded person will hold that this     the new students an opportunity to
cue-tenth have for this reason alone    enter into the life of the university.
no right to attend "a    democratic     The next meeting of the Students'
state  institution."  But few   will  Conference Committee appointed
contend other than   that many   of   committe to work out a plan which
them  have the force of character     would improve the social relations
which goes to make successful stu-    among the students, especially be-
dents and, later, successful citizens.  tween the upper and under class-
  But because of this peculiar situa-  men. The committee reported a plan

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