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McMahon, Edward M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 9, Number 1 and 2 (Oct. 1907)

Editorial,   pp. [3]-6

Page 4

friend of the university has finally  two bodies of undercalssmen, as at
been reduced to this: are we to have  present conducted, has    not very
athletics or not?                     much   excuse for being continued.
  It must not be inferred from this   President Van Hise, the day after
that we cannot have good teams on     this year's rush, said: "The contest
the field and at the same time have   showed clearly that the very large
athletics that are in every way clean.  number of students now in the fresh-
For, while the purging of our ath-    men and sophomore classes make the
letics may have been the cause, in    rush dangerous.   The present form
this instance, of the deterioration in  of the rush, therefore, must be abol-
the playing ability of the teams, it  ished."   Not only this objection.
was due to the method used rather     The present form of the rush is lack-
than the end accomplished. Our old    ing in point.   After spending an
athletic structure having been razed  hour in   tearing the clothes from
to the ground by the combined ef-     each other in the effort to duck the
forts of the faculty and alumni, the  enemy, both   classes usually  come
principal actors   deserted  without  away claiming victory.
fulfilling  their  promise  of again    However, in spite of the objections,
building up a new and better ath-     we do not believe that these are suf-
letic structure.  The result is that  ficient reasons for doing away with
the students bound down by this de-   the rush   entirely. The mere fact
struetion are left to fight out the   that practically every  college and
battle alone. The students have done  university in the country has some
their duty; they   have done their    manner    of  testing  the  physical
best, but they alone are unequal to   strength of the two lower classes cer-
the task.                             tainly must be in favor of retaining
   The question for every alumnus      some such practice here. At Yale
then is athletics or no athletics. If  the contest is in the form of a wrest-
it is decided in the affirmative some  ling match. There are three events;
action is necessary in order that the  a round between the heavy weights,
decision may have some effect.   If   one between the middle weights and
in the negative a continuation of the  one between the middle weights, and
lethargy which has characterized the  class which throws the greatest num-
attideude of the alumni for the last  ber of its opponents is declared the
two years will suffice to bring about  winner by the upper classmen who
the death of Wisconsin athletics. It  have charge of the affair. The Octo-
is up to you; what is your pleasure?  ber number of the "Stanford Alum-
                                        nus" contains a photograph of
              THE RUSH                 rush in which the object was to tie
   The rumor is abroad that the re-    up  the   greatest number   of the
 gents at their last quarterly meeting  enemy. After a half hour of excit-
 passed resolutions declaring in favor  ing struggle the sophs won by a large
 of abolishing the class rush.  This   score. Every freshman but one was
 does not come as a surprise. Many     securely tied up.
 leading students, alumni, and people    Either of these plans would seem
 up the state have held for some time  to be better than the one we have
 that the annual tryout between the    been using, in that they would re-

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