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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 83, Number 1 (Nov. 1981)

Deaths,   pp. 29-[30]

Page 29

The Early Years.
Mrs. Eugene H. Sanborn (Helen G. Whitney
'06), Madison, in August.
Roy Albert Brendel '14, who founded the
Wauwatosa High School Band in 1923 and was
its director until 1954, in Wauwatosa in August.
Mrs. Christian Otjen (Maud Eunice Neprud
'14), Milwaukee, who, in 1917, became the first
woman in the state to head a county school
board; in 1919 was appointed the first female
member of the Wisconsin State Board of Con-
trol; and who served terms as president of both
the Milwaukee and Wisconsin League of
Women Voters, in August.
Daniel M. Spohn '16, Goshen, Ind., in June.
Malvin Helmer Teige '16, Stoughton, in July.
Mrs. Win. Balderston (Susan Bowen Ramsay
'19), Meadowbrook, Pa., in July.
20Os Paul Philip Sanders '20, '21, Merri-
          mac, a musician and teacher, in Au-
gust. In 1923 he initiated the annual Christmas
pageant in the rotunda of the State Capitol.
Alva Curtis Wilgus '20, '21, '25, Miami, in
Mrs. Samuel Young (Mary Lenore Martineau
[Edgerton] '21), Medford, N.J., in March of
Charles Dwight McCabe x'21, San Diego, in
Rudolph Mark Schlabach '21, '22, state senator
from La Crosse in the 1940s and early '50s, in La
Crosse in August.
Ralph Wm. Clark '22, '29, '33, Norman, Okla.,
in August.
Montrose Keller Drewry '22, '33, Milwaukee, in
Eleanor Pray Sheldon '22, Glendale, Ariz., in
Mrs. George M. Becker (Alice Fay Atherton
'23), Wauwatosa, in June.
Paul Odin Nyhus '23, Atherton, Calif., in June.
Margaret Esson Reid '23, Toronto, Ontario, in
Edwin Wilfred Sanborn '23, Ft. Wayne, in July.
Robert Taylor Porter '25, Chicago, in March of
Edward Frank K. Gansen '26, '31, La Crosse [*]
Ruben Levin x'26, Chevy Chase, in January.
Magnus Ingvald Smedal '26, '27, Tuftonboro,
N.H., in July.
Walter Samuel Watson '26, '37, Bogota, N.J., in
Myron Edgar Baechler '27, White Sulphur
Springs, Mont., in August.
Edith Lucile (Goldmann) Gilbertson '27, '33,
Romoland, Calif., last November.
Simon Horwitz '27, Oshkosh, in August.
Richard D. Miller x'27 in March of 1980, and
Jean D. MacGregor Miller x'28, last June, in Ra-
Iveaux Win. Anderson '28, Bristol, Conn., in
Angus B. Rothwell '28, Madison, who served as
State Superintendent of Public Instruction from
1961 to 1966 and headed the Coordinating Coun-
cil on Higher Education from 1966 to 1969, in
Frederick Harold Prosser '28, Mequon/Sun City,
in August.
John H. Dahlman '29, Milwaukee, in July.
Mrs. Neil B. Hayes (Ruth Critchell '29), Chi-
cago, in June.
Mrs. E.L. Simmons (Glenna Sherman '29), La
Jolla [*]
30OS Chester G. Lampert '31, Bethesda,
           Md., in April.
 Correction. We regret the erroneous report, in
 our July/August issue, of the death of Hjalmar
 A. Skuldt '31.
 Bethana Eliza Bucklin Deighton '32, Briarcliff
 Manor, N.Y., last December.
 Julie Vautrot Byard '34, '36, New York City [*]
 Pearson Wilbert Cramer '34, Wausau [*]
 Theodore Trubshaw '34, Three Lakes, Wis., in
 AlbertJ. Gollnick '35, Brookfield, Wis., in July.
 Virginia Kiesel Spence '35, '37, Atlanta [*]
 Catherine Ann Kelley Bremner '36, Poland,
 Ohio, in May.
 Everett Burgess Baker '37, Burbank, Calif., in
 George W. Whaples '37, '39, Amherst, Mass., in
 Mrs. J.F. Bradley (Ardith Lillian Hurley '38),
 Evansville, Wis., in July.
 RobertJ. Crikelair '38, Neenah, in 1979.
 Henry Hamilton Derleth '38, '54, Beaver Dam,
 in September.
 Kenneth Gordon Hovland '38, Kansas City,
 Mo., in May.
 Mrs. Win. H. Dieter (Elizabeth Graf Rebhan
 '39), Madison, in August.
 Dean B. Service x'39, Phoenix [*]
 4Os Elmer Emil Greicar '40, San Diego,
      s   in March.
 Glenn Wm. Leupold '40, Pewaukee, in July.
 Earl Frederick Aiken '42, Boise, Idaho, in April.
 Mrs. Frank D. Myers (Estella Magdalena Monte-
 mayor '42,) Denver, in February.
 Joseph Michael Soha '42, '52, Antigo, in July.
 James Frederick Lahey '43, '49, '58, Corvallis,
 Ore., in August.
 Karl Hilmer Sonnemann '44, DDS, Lake Mills,
 in August.
 Philip John Dahlberg 46, Kenosha, in July.
 Win. James Mullen '48, Shawnee Mission, Kan.,
 in August.
Roger Elmer Manders '49, Green Bay, in early
Donald Adolph Erdmann '50, Tonawanda,
N.Y., in July, 1980.
Mrs. Theodore Kanvik (Patricia A. Dienes '50),
Deerfield, Ill., in September.
David Leonard Loken '50, Eau Claire, in
Percy A. Piddington '51, Whitewater, in July.
Donald George Raffel '51, Verona, in July.
Agnes E. Spencer '51, Indianapolis, in May.
Gilbert Frederick Hartwig '53, Hattiesburg,
Miss., in June.
Eugene Howard Cooper '55, Stoughton, in
James Edward Sullivan '57, Janesville, in
[*] Informant did not give date of death.
Judith Mathilda Nelsen '65, Cudahy, in August.
Barbara Mabel Blahnik '71, Madison, in August.
Blanche Goldberg '73, Madison, in July.
Ange Lee Foeller '74, Green Bay, in August.
Robert L Baxter '77, Hartland, in a motorcycle
accident in August. Memorials in his name to the
UW Foundation, 702 Langdon Street, Madison
Richard Donald Jeffries MD'78, Shawano, in
Emer. Prof. Theodore Donald Tiemann '30, '31,
'33, professor of metalurgical engineering from
1959 to retirement in 1978, in Madison in Sep-
tember, aged 73.
Emer. Prof. Sergei Alexander Wilde, 83, a pio-
neer in forest-soils research, and a member of
our soils science staff from 1930 to 1968, in Madi-
son in September. Memorials in his name to the
UW Foundation, 702 Langdon St., Madison
Emer. Prof. Perry Wm. Wilson '28, '29, '32,
Madison, in August. A bacteriologist on our fac-
ulty from 1943 to 1973, Wilson was a world-
renowned authority on biological nitrogen
fixation, a possible answer to agriculture's depen-
dence on petroleum-based nitrogen fertilizers.
Memorials to the UW Foundation at address
We reported the March deaths of the following
in our July/August issue but inadvertently failed
to note their faculty status.
Assist. Prof. Raymond Barnard Esser '49, '61,
was an instructor in technical writing in our de-
partment of mechanical engineering, where he
was still active, since 1957. Involved in continu-
ing education programs in technical communica-
tion, he was the Mechanical Engineering repre-
sentative for the American Association of
University Professors.
Prof. William Henry McGibbon Ph. D'42, was an
active member of our Poultry Science faculty.
The author or co-author of more than seventy
scientific publications, his research in poultry
strains has served as a model for the study of dis-
ease and developmental processes.

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