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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 83, Number 1 (Nov. 1981)

Burton, John; Murphy, Tom
Wow! What a start!,   pp. [8]-11

Page 9

oday is Monday, October 12th.
         They used to call it Columbus
         Day, but now it's known as Forty-
 State-Day. Things are quieting down. Miss
 Forward has stopped whistling Varsity. By
 today quite a few out-of-towners have
 found their spouses back where they said
 they'd meet after the game. Elroy and
 Dave McClain might still be polkaing on
 the upper deck of the stadium, but give
 them that.
    Of course, it wasn't just Ohio State, al-
 though there have been twenty-one consec-
 utive years when people would have spent
 an evening with Howard Cosell to win that
 one. It was Michigan. And Purdue. Then
 Ohio State-the first time we've beaten all
 three in a season. Ever. And also Western
 Michigan, with what has become a kind of
 oh-well loss to UCLA.
    Rose Bowl T-shirts went on sale the
 week after the Michigan opener, but you'd
 find them under Novelties. There were
 some Rose Bowl posters, but by and large it
 was cool-head time. So we'd fluked-out and
 licked Michigan-look what UCLA did to
 us. So we took Western Michigan, but it
 wasn't that easy. And look who Purdue's
 eating for breakfast to get ready for us.
 Then; can you believe it, Martha, we did
 take Purdue. But wait till OSU gets here
 next week.
   Now it's the week after "next week,"
 and we're seeing the T-shirts on someone
 besides the vendors. The guy selling fresh
 roses after the game ran out of stock in
 about three minutes. The poster-sellers
 have already financed their ski trips to
   Writing about it all poses a problem.
 Copy has to go to the printer this week; by
 the time you read it in mid-November, who
 knows what will happen! The Badgers face
 six more comers on the road to Pasadena,
 namely Michigan State, Illinois, North-
 western, Indiana, Iowa and Minnesota.
 Some nose guard could step out from any
 one of them and cob-up the whole season.
   On the other hand, why not think big!
Our office phones started ringing this morn-
ing: if we go, will there be an alumni tour?
(Yes!) Students are telling the folks not to
plan on them being home for New Year's.
They could be right. Whatever, the season
we've had so far is one they'll talk about at
Crandall's forever. It's well worth a cover
picture and John Burton's proud game-by-
game wrap-up.
   And for the annals of football history,
we'll nominate an off-the-field moment. A
blond in red-and-white bib overalls sat
ahead of us in the upper deck at the OSU
game. She held out till after Marvin Neal
scored that TD on a pass from Cole with
twenty-four seconds left in the half, then
she had to duck out for a few minutes. So
she missed Gladem's fifty-yard field goal
with no time on the clock. But when she
raced back it was clear she knew something
magnificent had happened. With a tremble
in her voice and tears of joy in her eyes she
trilled, "The toilet shook!"
                         -Tom Murphy
By John Burton '79
September 12:Camp Randall
Wisconsin 21
Michigan 14
On this second Saturday of September, not
even the most optimistic Badger fan ex-
pected to beat Michigan. Not because the
Wolverines had not lost an opening game
on the road in 100 years. Not because they
had beaten and bullied the Badgers four-
teen years in a row, or because Michigan
was an almost unanimous choice as the top
team in the country. But because every-
body knew Wisconsin doesn't beat Michi-
gan. Everybody but the Wisconsin football
team. The Badgers stunned the top-ranked
Wolves 21-14 before 68,733 delirious fans.
The defense, led by nose guard Tim
Krumrie's thirteen tackles and safety Matt
Vanden Boom's three interceptions, held
Michigan to only eight first downs and 229
total yards. The key play of the game came
in the third quarter, after Michigan tied the
score 14-14 on an eighty-nine-yard run by
tailback Butch Woolfolk. Badger quarter-
back Jess Cole, who completed eight of sev-
enteen passes for 182 yards, connected with
John Williams for a seventy-one-yard scor-
ing play, giving Dave McClain his biggest
victory to date as a head coach.
   Michigan opened the scoring after re-
covering a fumbled punt on the Badger
thirty-three. On the sixth play of the scoring
drive, Wolverine quarterback Steve Smith
rolled right and into the end zone from four
Opposite: John Williams (1) is the huggee after he ran the 2-point conversion
to tie OSU 14-14.
Top: When a defensive play works, which is often, among those to be thanked
are Jim Melka
(30), Tim Krumrie (50), Larry Spurlin (49) and Darryl Sims (60).
Below: QB Jess Cole went 8-for-17 and 182 yards in the win against Michigan.

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