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Loeb, Max (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 7, Number 3 (Dec. 1905)

Bridgman, Louis
Daily calendar,   pp. 147-149

Page 147

    C o n d uc ted by L
tion closed football season with about
   Saturday, 18.-Wisconsin lost last
 football game of season to Michigan,
 at Ann-Arbor; score 12 to o.-Hares-
 foot Dr'amatic  club  chose opera,
 "Papa Schmitz," by Neely E. Pardee,
 'oi, as annual production, and Don-,
 aid MacDonald, ex-'oo, as manager,
 -Senior engineers left for annual
 inspection trip to the east.-Y. W. C.
 A. celebrated twenty-fifth anniver-
 sary of its organization.-Ladies of
 University League were at home to
 women students.-Thurman L' Hood,
 'o8, La Crosse, was elected to va-
 cancy on Athenae's semi-public team,
 in place  of Fred    W. Dohman,
 resigpe4.- Intercollegiate debating
 board- received challenge for debate
 from  University  of, Nebraska.-
 Freshman football team -defeated Chi-
 cago. Freshmen at Camp    Randall;
score 12 to o. Are western Freshmen
   LVLtJ.LUty, OU.--r 10 . J dIIieb .LCdVIt
Butler, the Nestor of the university
faculty, died at home of his son-in-
law, Prof. B. W. Snow, aged 91.-:
First regular basket-ball practice be-
gan.-President Van Hise returned
from meeting of Association of Pres-
idents of American. : State Universi-
ties at Washington, at which he was
chosen  vice-president.-Dean Baker
of college of engineering, University
of Nebraska, visited university.
  Tuesday, 2I.--Dir. J. C. Elsomn
gave illustrated talk  on   "Photo-
graphic E~xperiences in the Rockies,"
before University  Camera    club.-
Prof. Paul S. Reinsch spoke on "The
Relation of Japanese Art to the Life
of the People," in connection with, ex-
hibition of Japanese art. at historical
library  museum.-Athletic   associa-
   Wednesday, 22.---Prof. Julius E.
 Olson gave address-on "The Politi-
 cal Crisis in Norway," before Nora
 Samlag.-Prof. R. Ti. Ely left for
 Macon, Georgia, to -represent uni-
 versity at installation of Dr. Charles
 Lee Smith as president of Mercer
 UniversityĆ½-Arthur  Peabody, Chi-
 cag6, was chosen university architect
 to succeed J! T. W. Jennings, re-
 signed.-Try-out for cross country
 team held,: resulting in selection of
 Hean, C0oper, Sh-orey, Bertles and-
Stevenson.--Blake Nevius, '07, lead-
er of Glee Club, withdrew from uni-
versity to study music in Chicago.
  Thursday, 23..-Athletic council re-
viewed evidence portrayed in Col-
li er's Weekly reflecting on Wiscon-
sin football players and exonerated
the accused men..-Prof. C. E. Men-
delhall described a new- method for
measuring the- force of gravity, at
November meeting of Science club.-
Forty dollars in cash and many Bad-
gers offered as prizes to artists for
Junior annual.
  Friday, 24.-Prof. 'Andrew C. Mc-
Laughlin of University of Michigan
spoke on "The Compact IIeory in
American History," at meeting of
teachers  of history  and   political
science in the colleges and normal
schools of Wisconsin, held,at univer-
sity.--First swimming class organ-
ized.-Department of political econo-
my was presented with valuable col-
lection of original papers and docu-
ments relating   to European   eco-
nomiic  and  industrial movements,
by unknown donor.--Joint debaters
of Athenat, Hesperia and Philoma-
thid were presented with joint debate
badges of honor.
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