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Loeb, Max (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 7, Number 3 (Dec. 1905)

Coe, Jerome
Faculty notes,   pp. 145-146

Page 146

146           THE
in the high schools. He is geologist
of the New York Geological Survey
and 'one of the founders and 'the pres-
ent secretary of the Association of
American CGeographers. For several
years he.has been the leading' spirit in
the Cornell Summer Ć½chool of geog-
raphyr which 'has attracted much, atten-
tion. In his hook "Geographic Influ-,
ences in American History" he has
made a distinct contribution to, the
study of physiography in relation to
historical and economic conditions.
Professor Brigham will give courses
in the principles of physiography and
the physiography of the Uniied States.
He will' also . conduct the excursions
to points of 'scenic and gologic inter-
est about Madison including Devils
Lake, The Dells, Blue Mounds, and
the Driftless Area, "which have been
-such popular features of the Summer
Session for several years past.
   Professor Julius E. Olson of the de-
 partment of Scandinavian languages
 and literature has an article on The
 Norwegian National Spirit in the first
 issue of a Norwegian literary year
 book, called  Symra    published in
 Decorah, Iowa. The Danish period,
 with which: the article deals, covers
 over- 400 years (1380 to 1814) when
 Norway was united with Denmark.
   Professor Olson's article shows that
 the memories of Norway's heroic age
 from goo to 13oo were not forgotten
 during the Danish -period, and that it
 was the knowledge of ancient times
 as obtained from the old sage litera-
 ture that in'spired the Norwegians of
 1814 to write a free constitution, 'and
 that led in the final dissolution of the
 union with Sweden in 1905.
   Professor Harry S. Richards, dean
 of the college of law of the Univer-
 sity of Wisconsin, has an interesting
article in the December number of the,
Harvard Law Review 'on "The Liabil-
ity  of Corporations on  Contracts
Made by their Promoters."
   Professor F. A. Gilmore of the Uni-
 versity of Wisconsin college of law,
 contributes an article to the current
 number of the Green Bag on "Gov-
 ernment Regulation of. Prices."
   Professor John R. Commons' new
 volume on "Trades Unionism, and-
 Labor Problems" is the subject of an
 editorial in a recent issue of the Bos-
 ton Herald, which speaks of the book
 "as an exceedingly interesting conv-
 pilation.". "The book in' question,"
 the" writer continues, "is made up of
 articles, which have recently appeared
 in a number of scientific reviews and
 quarterlies, -the advantage of its pub-
 lication' consisting in the fact that it
 groups together under one' heading
 and iin a convenient form a great deal
 of useful, because valuable, material,
 which if not thus combined could nt.
 easily be found. Some idea of the
 range covered in' this publication can
 be had by the following list of some
 of the., subjects treated: "The Min-
 ers' Union, Its Business- Manage-
,ment," -"The .New    York Building
Trades,    "The Premium      Plan ,of
Paying for Labor," "The Sweating
System in the Clothing Trade," "The
Negro     Artisan,"   "Massachusetts
Labor Legislation," "Workman's In-
surance in Germany," "The Intro-
duction of the Linotype," "State Ar-
bitration and the Minimum Wage in
Australia," "Decisions of Courts in
Labor Disputes."     These   subjects
have been carefully and apparently
impartially dealt with by those whose
wrtings have contributed toward the
formation of this comprehensive pub-

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