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Loeb, Max (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 7, Number 3 (Dec. 1905)

Progress of the University,   pp. 143-144

Page 143

-, ~
Elect Van Hise President.         cided to put on, for its annual
   J-14 ,e a   a - i   n I    the as-
sociation of agricultural colleges and
experiment stations held -in Wash-
ington during the early part of *the
month, President I Charles R. Van
Hise, who represented the Univer-
sity of Wisconsin, was elected presi-
dent of: the agricultural college sec-i
tion..  He   was also    chosen  vice
president and acting 'president in the
absence of President Jesse, o{ the
association of state university presi-
     Gives Library to University.
  The department of political econ-
omy at the University of Wisnsin
has just been given a valuable collec-
ticg.n of original papers and documents
relating to Etirpean economic and in-
dustrial' movements. The donor, who
desires to. have his nameý withheld,
has collected a portion of this-import-
ant. material and is now visiting a
numiber of European countries in his
dffort to makb the collection as- com-
plete as possible., He has announced
his intention   of' securing  all the
papers and documents of importance
that can be found on European econ-
norrics and industrial history.  The
first part of the collection, a large
number of pampelets on Polish social
movement, has just been received, and
is now being catalogued for the use of
.students doing research investigative
work at the -university. The collec-
tion promises to be the largest and
most valuable of- its kind in the
United States.
        To Give Comic Opera.
   The Haresfoot Dramatic Club of
the University of Wisconsin has de-
Neeley E. Pardee of Wausau, a grad-
uate of the university in the class of
190o.: The production will bel.under
the direction of, Donald MacDonald,
class of I9OO, formerly of La Crosse,
who since leaving the university has
beenr-in the cast of several successful
comic operas on the professional stage.
The proceeds 'of the performance, as
usual, -will be given to benevolent or-
ganizations connected with the uni-.
   largest Enrollment In History.
   Statistics just compiled show that
the total attendance at the University
of Wisconsin: thus far this year -is
3,229 students, the  largest enroll-
Iment in the history of the university.
With the addition of over 300 st
,dents in the college of agriculture
who enter' December i and -a consid-
-the second semester, the total attend-
ance at Wisconsin this year will ex-
ceed 3,6oo, an increase over last year
of; 250, the normal growth of the uni-
versity for several years pat.
  Study Operation of Large Plnts,
  hi'rty members of the senior class
of the, college of engineering of the
University of Wisconsin under the
direction of three professors spent a
most interesting week during      the
early part -of the month inspecting
important engineering plants in the
east. This trip, which is taken an-
nually, is designed to familiarize the
students with the operation of large.
electrical and machinery plants of the
country: Two d:ays were spent at
N]iagara Falls and Buffalo ;visiting
b I
- *i  CXF ý,__ftat - It I- . :L ý I    - - ___

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