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Loeb, Max (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 7, Number 3 (Dec. 1905)

Blum, Herman
Athletics,   pp. 140-142

Page 142

not been required to train under a rig-
id regulation. Coatch Alvin C. Kraenz-
lein, has kept in .touch with the pos-
S sible candidates, impressing upon
-them the importance of being in con-
stant- good physical condition before
the strenuous, training is inaugurated.
Active work for the indoor meets will
begin early in January.
   AssistingĂ˝ in the work of bringing
out candidates for the track team is
Instructor E. D. Angell, who ar-
ranged several class meets in the gym-
nasium, for the purpose of discovering
additional material.  Althoughsome
of the men were rather bashful and
entered the contest reluctantly, the
eniterprise met with gratifying results
. ind.several promising candidates were
induced to go into training.    This
assures an abundance. of material and
keen competition, always important'
elements of success in a team.
       Form Basketball League.
   After a struggle of three or four
 years western -universities have at
 last. come to recognize basketball as
 college sport and toward-the close of
 November an intercollegiate basket-
 ball league, was formed at Chicago
 between the universities of Wiscon-
 sin, Minnesota, Chicago, Illinois,
 Northwestern   and   Purdue. * The
 league made provisions for a ten-
 week schedule, each team to play all
 the other teams twice, making ten
 games for each university. The or-
 ganization of the league has given a
.UMNI MAGAZINE.           [Decembeir
great impetus to the game and keen
competition for places on the team im-
mediately sprang up among the stu-
dents. there are a large-number of
candidates.   Last year under the
guidance of E. D. Angell, instructor
in ýymnastics, a team was coached
which had every reason% for claiming
the championship, having made an
enviable record on a long eastern trip.
  The following is Wisconsin's sched-
  Jan. 26,=-Purdue at Lafayette, Ind.
  Jan. 27,-Northwestern at Evan-
ston, Ill.
   Feb. i,-Purdue at Madison.
   Feb. 2,-Purdue at Madison.
   Feb. 4,-Chicago at Chicago.
   Feb. 8,,--llino7is at Chicago.
   Feb. I6,-Chicago at Madison.
   Feb. 24,-'Minnesota at Madison.
   March 4--Chicago at Chicago.
   March io,-Chicago at Madison.
   MKarch 16,-;Minnesota at Minne-
          Win Third Place.
   On Thanksgiving day a team, repre-
 senting the University competed in
 the first intercollegiate cross-country
 race over the Jackson park course at
 Chicago. Wisconsin put up a credit-
 able showing and managed to win
 third place, Lightbody of Chicago cap-
turing the trophy for the Midway in-
stitutioni. The Wisconsin team was
composed of Captain Hean, Cooper,
Shorey, Bertles and Stevenson.
-   -Lu

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