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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 77, Number 2 (Jan. 1976)

Letters,   pp. 24-29

Page [28]

Now you can show your pride in Wisconsin
          every time you look up a word.
now in
ata SP(
    The Li
friends of Wiscor
costing less than
    This handsc
grained vinyl, coi
158,000 definitioi
weighs eight pou
your home or offi
to give as a gift tc
    UI ~lIIU;:I.U:S lI Ui;LIUIli::tii I ii tI L~WUrlU. /"-[l~u  rluW
friends     isin can purchase it in a Big Red edition
costinga comparable book in a store.
    This       me volume, bound in rich red leather-
grainedtains 1400 gold-leafed pages filled with
158,000       ns. tmeasures82 x    x3" and
weighnds-surely a book worthy of display in
yource to show your pride in Wisconsin. Or
tosomeone who will treasure it.
                   UWVI1 UILIU  IdlItit  II  UltVVU1U. -\FI  HI
Wisconsin Dictionary
650 N. Lake Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53706
Please send me __  Wisconsin Dictionaries
at $20 each, shipping and handling
included. (Make check payable to
Wisconsin Alumni Service Corp. Please
allow four weeks for delivery.)
     State.         Zip,
Over 200 pages of
reference supplements,
many in full color.
    The Living Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary
contains special sections on prefixes and suffixes,
synonyms and antonyms, foreign words and phrases,
a perpetual calendar, and a students' and writers' guide.
    Not to mention full-color sections on flags of the
world, the space age, U.S. Presidents, and a cyclopedia
of nature.
    Truly, this big, colorful, educational book could be
called one of the world's single most comprehensive
reference volumes.
    A reasonable price for a dictionary of this quality
would be $25. But you can get this special Wisconsin
edition for only $20.
    Send in this coupon now. In a matter of weeks your
Wisconsin Dictionary will be on your library shelf
showing the world your pride in Wisconsin.
Address                                                 I
city__________________ State_____________ Zip__________ I

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