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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 77, Number 2 (Jan. 1976)

The University,   pp. 16-19

Page 17

The University
and medicine four. The total
number receiving degrees is about
150 more than a year ago. The event
preceded first semester final examina-
tions, December 17-23. Winter recess
ran December 24-January 18.
Registration for the second semester
takes place January 19-23 with
instruction resuming January 26.
Lost Twenty-sixers
  The Class of 1926, preparing for its
Golden Jubilee Reunion here in
May, is anxious to locate these mem-
bers whose whereabouts are
unknown. If anyone has a current
address or definite information on any
of them, please write to our
offices: WAA, 650 N. Lake Street,
Madison 53706.
  Bassett, Raymond; Bentien, William
A.; Bradley, Eugene F.; Burt
Madge S.; DeHort, Mrs. Todd
(Frances Amerman); De Vries,
B. Fred; Fast, Lucy W.; Feerer,
Helen S.; Gehrke, Melvin A.; Hanzel,
Joseph W.; Harris, Mrs. Roy H.
(Mary Hougham); Hoffman,
Arthur, L.; Hovious, Carol Faye;
Johnson, Oliver J.; Johnson, Mrs.
Richard 0. (Ruth Hart); Jones, Mrs.
Paul C. (Elizabeth Hewitt); Klein,
Arnold L.; Koch, Richard G.;
Lamb, Mariet G.; Larson, John A.;
Long, Mrs. Wendell (Harriett Rowe);
Lovendahl, Mrs. Helen A. (Helen
Anderson); Lovering, Kathryn L.;
  Madden, Elizabeth A.; Mays, Mrs.
William M. (Beulah Naset);
McConkey, Fay B.; Messerschmidt,
Ramona; Mills, Beatrice; Mintz,
Sarah; Mullikin, Mrs. Champlin
(Katherine Beck); Mulins, Vincent B.;
Nelson, Nona F.; Nelson, Mrs.
Russell W. (Margaret Becker);
Nichols, Mrs. Charles R. (Martha
Thorbus); Nicholson, Ida 0.; Olson,
Mrs. Oscar, Jr. (Anna Page); Pearce,
Marie E.; Peterson, Mrs. C. R.
(Lillian Eastman);
   Pick, Sylvia J.; Pope, Mrs. Rich-
ard E. (Virginia Wild); Reed,
Mrs. John P. (ReSada Hertzberg);
Riley, Mrs. John F. (Rosemary
Hughes); Russel, Ellery C.; Sharp,
Norman G.; Shield, Jalien; Slama,
Raymond A.; Smith, E. Blanche;
Smith, Percy W.; Stearns, Cather-
ine F.; Stein, Elmer A.; Stone, Mrs.
Alice M. (Alice McCormick); Taylor,
Mrs. Adeline 0. (Adeline Ollcott);
Theis, Jane; Totten, Helen R.;
Van Verst, Paul H.; Walker, Mrs.
Ned 0. (Anita Flatman); Wallis,
Samuel R.; Walsted, George F.;
Waters, Gladys E.; Wilcox, Mrs. Edna
B. (Edna Beam); Winzenburg, Erwin
H.; Winzenburg, Henry E.
Campus Is Fourth In Nation
In Number of Scientists
  The campus has 2,729 fulltime
engineers and scientists on its
academic staff, ranking fourth in the
nation, according to a National Science
Foundation report. National leaders
among the fifty doctorate institutions
were Michigan 3,293, Harvard 2,909,
and Minnesota 2,782. A tabulation by
sex of the employees showed Wisconsin
second in number of women with
562. Michigan led with 774 women.
  A breakdown by field of study
showed Wisconsin led the fifty institu-
tions in psychology with 213 employees
(seventy-one women). Other Wiscon-
sin rankings were: second in environ-
mental sciences with 130 (fifteen
women); tied for third in social sciences
with 434 (106); fifth in physical
sciences with 262 (fourteen); eighth
in life sciences with 1,340 (336);
eleventh in mathematical sciences with
111 (three); and twelfth in engineer-
ing with 239 (seventeen).
  NSF said the figures were approxi-
mate for January, 1.975, payrolls.
Billy Marek, who graduates with all the rushing and scoring records
on the University's book, as seen in this "shadow and substance"
by photographer Del Desens.

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