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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 73, Number 1 (Oct. 1971)

Alumni news,   pp. 24-31

Page 28

JOHN P. LANDA '70 is receiving six
weeks practical work in military leader-
ship at the Army Reserve Officers' Train-
ing Corps Advanced Summer Camp at
Fort Riley, Kan.
Second Lieutenant KENNETH B.
MIELKE '70 has received a Gold PRIDE
(Professional Results in Daily Efforts)
Award at Malmstrom AFB, Mont.
CAROL BARTZ '71 has been appointed
as a sales representative in the Computer
service sales department of the First Na-
tional Bank of St. Paul.
GARY A. GILBERTSON '71 has been
appointed Loan Officer at the West Bend
branch of Production Credit Assoc. of
Juneau, Wis.
JAMES P. O'BRIEN '71 has joined the
Babcock & Wilcox Co., Barberton, Ohio,
and will be assigned to the power gener-
ation division. He and his family live in
Lynchburg, Va.
New editor of the Badger Farm Bureau
JULIANNE WYNHOFF '71 is the sole
female advertising sales representative for
Madison Newspapers and was recently the
subject of a feature story in the Wiscon-
sin State Journal.
Newly Married
  Patricia Ann Heffernan
IVERSON in Cleveland.
and Noel W.
  Priscilla L. REICHARDT '69 and
Michael William COPPS in Stevens Point.
  Jean Gillespie and Edward M. LAW-
RENCE in Malmo, Sweden.
  Susan W. Chastain and David H. NIM-
MER in Minneapolis.
  Jane Agnes Malolepsy and John Charles
GEREND in Wisconsin Rapids.
  Elaine A. NIELSEN and Jerome Mc-
Carthy in Seaford, N. Y.
  Marion Clancy WIECHMANN and
Thomas W. Troxell in Vail, Colo.
  Mary Kae CISNEY '69 and Michael
WRIGHT in Racine.
  Barbara A. Vogt and Paul G. KOCH
in Milwaukee.
  Georgianne Podrug and Walter Law-
rence LATHROP in Menomonee Falls.
  Barbara Jean LeMieux and Joseph T.
LEX in West Allis.
  JoAnne C. PINGITORE and Daniel A.
Rubjerg in Kenosha.
  Sandra Kay Riedel and Gary Roger
STECHMESSER in Maplewood, N. J.
  Lynn B. ZVONAR '67 and Richard W.
CHERWENKA in Milwaukee.
  Esther Kolbeck and Richard CHRIS-
TIAN in Wausau.
  Cheryl Lee DAVIS and Gerald T. De-
Garmo in Racine.
  Charlotte Overson and Ronald HENS-
LER in Janesville.
  Jane Eleanor JESINSKI and Richard
A. Braun in Sheboygan.
  Elaine Ann Holt and Richard James
KOLKMANN in Kenosha.
  Kathleen Ann MADLAND and John
Kowalski Jr. in Fox Point.
  Marilyn Jean Kind and William C. T.
   Kathleen Ann SONDERGAARD '71
 and Mark Sanding BONADY in Racine.
   Donna Lee HENDERSHOT '68 and
 Bruce W. HENKE in Madison.
   Sharon L. Hill and Mark R. KERSCH-
 ENSTEINER in Calumet, Mich.
   Lucinda Ann Wheeler and John David
 MACK in Spring Green.
   Karen K. MOHAUPT and Lester V.
 WATTERS '64 in Madison.
   Carol I. Boyer and Michael William
 STELLING in Indianapolis.
   Marian Jean Tarasko and Paul David
 VETTER in San Bernardino, Calif.
   Bonnie Jean Gastrau and Erv. C. WOL-
 LER, Jr. in Hubertus, Wis.
   Suzanne Rita Otto and Alvin WYSOCKI
 in Milwaukee.
   Sara Ann HALE and Austin H. Henry
 in Madison.
   Mary J. Porter and Gerald Joseph HU-
 JIK in Naperville, Ill.
   Susan Joye Erbach and James Louis
 HUSAK in Wauwatosa.
   Mary Katherine Kiedrowski and John
 H. KOPMEIER in Stevens Point.
   Diane Rose Christie and Richard George
 LEVIS in Milwaukee.
   Jean Ann Elger and David John OLY-
 SAV in Waukesha.
   Margaret Thekla Wurlitzer and Rich-
 ard Robert STEINMETZ in Nashotah,
 Emily Jane Fisher and Eric James
 STRAUSS in Waunakee.
 Linda Elizabeth ZINTHEFER '70 and
 Henry Charles WARMBIER in Sheboy-
  Catherine D u r b ian and William  A.
BLOSS in Kenosha.
  Nancy BORCHERS and James Steven-
son in Oshkosh.
  Jo Ann Hendickson and Joseph J. DAIS
in Green Bay.
  Marianne GILLETTE and John Edward
Taylor in Ft. Sam Houston, Tex.
  Susan Marie Malach and Dallas W.
HILDEBRAND in Park Falls.
  Betsy Ann MEYER and Richard Web-
ster Horsfield in Hartland.
  Mary Jean NYSTROM and Roger Har-
old Kraft in Cumberland.
  Judy Delores RENNY and Anthony
John Petchar in Keshena, Wis.
  Gail M. SHORT and John N. Hanson
in Waukegan.
Wisconsin Alumnus
   This year you can park free
in Lot 6o for all UW home
football games.
   The lot is located  at the
northwest edge of the campus,
adjacent to Nielsen Tennis Sta-
dium and near Forest Products
  Buses leave Lot 6o every five
minutes, express to Camp Ran-
dall. Fare: 50. Return bus free,
either during or after the game.
          There are
   sandwiches, refreshments,
     restrooms on Lot 6o.
Also: special parking areas
available for groups on three-
day notice. Call Tim Phillips at
(6o8) 262-2956 or

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