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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 73, Number 1 (Oct. 1971)

Alumni news,   pp. 24-31

Page 27

October, 1971
Dear Alumnus,
During your years here at the University, think of the many times
you relished those succulent BRATS at the Brathaus or its predecessor,
The Cabin. Just remembering them makes your mouth water, doesn't it!
Well, you don't have to settle for remembering any longer.
Now you can enjoy those same BRATS in your own home!
My company is their exclusive distributor, and we'll rush them to you
in 8-lb. boxes. There are approximately 40 BRATS to a box. They'll keep
beautifully in your freezer for up to three months. And the cost to you
per box, including all shipping charges, is fourteen dollars.
That's about 350 each-less than a hamburger in a restaurant.
Your order will be on its way to you no later than the Monday after we hear
from you. (We prefer to ship on Mondays to avoid any weekend postal
delays.) It will come by Parcel Post, Special Delivery. Postpaid, of course.
Go on. Fill out the coupon. Order as many boxes as you like for your own
use and for truly memorable gifts.
Jay Botwinick
P.S. Just a word about preparation. NEVER boil these choice BRATS.
Oven broiling or pan frying is O.K., but charcoal BROILING is by far the
best way!
Then have a little happy nostalgia. Start the charcoal, draw a cool one,
dim the lights. Your Brathaus BRATS will be done shortly.
                     Murray Meat Company
                          905 Jonathan Drive
                      Madison, Wisconsin 53713
   Let me savor those BRATS! Here is my ( ) check, ( ) money order,
   for $ ------  Please ship me ------ boxes at $14 each immediately.
   NAME      ------------------------------------------------------I
   ADDRESS      ---------------------------------------------------I
   CITY ----------------------STATE ------------ZIP ---------
 If you're coming to Madison for a football game, we're here to take your
 by phone weekdays and until noon on Saturdays. Phone (608) 271-2155.

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