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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 73, Number 1 (Oct. 1971)

The University,   pp. 17-22

Page 21

Easy -access, a user-dominated facil-
   ity, a new concept in design, new
services-all these are features of the
University's new undergraduate library.
  Helen C. White Hall, named in
honor of the late English faculty mem-
ber who served the University 48 years,
opened last month. It has three floors
assigned to serve as a library, four for
v a rio u s University departments, and
two levels of underground parking.
   Dr. Louis Kaplan, former director
of UW libraries, said:
   "We planned the facility with a com-
mittee with students on it, and on sev-
eral occasions we made surveys of stu-
dent opinion, so we know it is a facility
students need and want.
   "We will be able to seat 2,000 stu-
 dents in a quiet, attractive environment.
 Instead of finding a big barn of a place
 with too many people, users will be lit-
 tle aware of others around. There will
 be a great variety of seating and study
   "Students will be a b l e to hav e a
room, or a study table, or just a soft
chair for reading. If they just want to
sit and look at Lake Mendota, they
can do that, too."
  More than 135,000 books, periodi-
cals, and reference materials will be
housed on the first three floors.
  There will be a materials center with
a collection of records and tapes, in-
cluding spoken literature, documenta-
ries, and speeches. A basic collection
will include classical, jazz, folk, and
rock records. There will be a video
service in several of the larger rooms,
and the potential to dial through the
center to other sections or services on
campus, such as the language labora-
   The most costly equipment was pur-
chased with funds supplied by the Ren-
nebohm Foundation. A considerable
portion of records and tapes was bought
with federal funds. The building cost
$7.7 million to construct.
   A variety of UW offices is located
 on the top floors of the eight-story
structure. The departments of philos-
ophy and English, the Library School,
Midwest Universities Consortium for
International Activities, the Coopera-
tive Children's Book Center, and sev-
eral other divisions have offices in the
  The parking facilities are reached
through a N. Park St. entrance. The
220 spaces may be used by the public
at night, but are reserved for faculty
and staff personnel during the day.
  The beautiful building, certain to
please almost all aesthetic tastes, is lo-
cated on the site once occupied by
Journalism Hall and 600 N. Park Build-
   Space vacated by the English and
philosophy departments in Bascom Hall
will be re-assigned to the School of
Business and the department of com-
munication arts. That formerly used by
the Library School at 425 Henry Mall
will be occupied by the School of Social
  The new undergraduate library-Helen C. White Hall-opens with 135,000 books,
_. .         .                &-. t_                                
                      bv JACK BURKE
October, 1971

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