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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 71, Number 8 (June 1970)

Alumni news,   pp. 26-29

Page 28

tion's international division and president
of Anchor Hocking Inter-America Ltd.,
in Lancaster, Ohio.
  Andrew B. Johnson '47, named chief
materials engineer in the engineering
general offices of Caterpillar in Peoria,
  Signe Skoft Cooper RN '48, is the
author of a new     text, Contemporary
Nursing Practice: A Guide for the Re-
turning Nurse. She is chairman of the
department of nursing with University
Extension, as well as a professor at the
University's School of Nursing.
  Lenore A. Netzer '48, was recently
profiled in a Milwaukee newspaper as
the first woman member of the Univer-
sity's department of educational admin-
  R. Clifford Kelsey '49, and his wife
Peg, have adopted twins-a boy and a
girl. Kelsey is chairman of the biology
department at East Stroudsburg State
college, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.
  Landon H. Risteen '50, is senior vice
president of the editorial section of
Scott, Foresman publishers. He was for-
merly vice president of Harper and Row.
  Joan Johnson '51, has been promoted
to professor of physical education at
California State college, Los Angeles,
where she has been on the faculty since
1955. She is associate chairman of the
  J. E. Binning '54, was named engi-
neering construction division manager of
Dravo corporation in Pittsburgh. He has
been with the firm since 1956.
  Mrs. Ellen Kayser Frautschi '56, is
one of 16 women appointed to the Ad-
We'll Follow You
         but it's easier if we have your new address
650 N. Lake Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53706
-------------------------Class yr.
Old address
City --------------------------------State -------------ZIP
visory Committee on Women in the
Service by defense secretary Melvin
Laird. A research assistant in the pedi.
atrics department at University hospitals
she is working on her master's degree in
medical microbiology.
   Dinning   :)4         oleman '69
   Raymond L. Erikson '58, was pro-
moted to associate professor of pathol-
ogy at the University of Colorado's
medical school, where he has been on
the faculty since 1964.
  Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Bloch an-
nounce the birth of their second child,
Nancy Maxine. The baby's mother is the
former Gail Phillips '67. The Blochs
live in Milwaukee where he is a partner
in a law firm.
  Fred and Ellen (Nordvig) Hollenbeck
are parents of their first child, Fred
Drury. The family lives in Mauston.
  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Green an-
nounce the birth of their first child,
Shayna Lynn. The baby's mother is the
former Jeanne Quick '67. The family
lives in Des Plaines, Illinois.
   Charles W. Lutter, Jr. is a captain
with the Strategic Air Command at
Westover air base in Massachusetts.
  John A. Steinman, Jr. has been pro-
moted to captain in the Air Force. He
is a space operations officer at Keesler
base in Mississippi.
  John McKenna was promoted to spe-
cialist five at the defense information
school at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indi-
ana. He is an instructor/engineer in the
radio-television department of the
   Peter and Sharon (Gersten) Lucknma
are parents of their first child, Melissa.
They live in Douglaston, New York.
   John M. Webster was promoted to
Army specialist four while serving at
Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, where he is a
legal clerk.
   Edward P. Geurts is assistant to the
manager of transportation services at
Consolidated Papers, Inc. of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Alumnus

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