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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 71, Number 4 (Feb. 1970)

Susskind, David
The lady is back from Hell,   pp. 9-14

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The Lady is Back From Hell
By David Susskind '42
Mr. Douglas: Will you tell our
viewers what your problem
Mrs. Fisher: My problem was
that I used drugs for 23 years.
Mr. Douglas: How did you
become a dope addict?
Mrs. Fisher: Well, I came out
of college, and like all nice
Jewish girls from New York,
I went up to the Catskill moun-
tains to vacation. I met-well,
today he would be a hippie,
but in the early 1940's he was a
zoot-suiter. I fell in love with
him two minutes after I met
him. I was very anxious to
impress him. I was ready to
follow him to the ends of the
earth. He was smoking mari-
juana so I began smoking.
Just that quickly.
Mr. Douglas: And how soon
after marijuana did you go on
to the stronger stuff?
Mrs. Fisher: Well, you know
something, Mike, it was so
v. Arl"al T I  a~n,-IrA  4.,-d-  A ,,A
when I first smoked it, he said
"Do you like it? I said, "Oh,
it's great." Really, I was nause-
ous.) We went from marijuana
to pills; you know, ups-and-
downs, speeds, and sleeping
  And then one night, when we
were on 52nd street we went
to an after-hour party and
everybody was getting high on
heroin. I asked for a shot.
Believe me, although dope is the
most expensive habit in the
world, there's one time you can
get it for nothing, and that's
when you've never used it, and
you meet someone who is using
it, and you ask for a shot.
I don't know if it's the old
adage, "misery loves company"
or if they think they can finally
hook the whole world. But they
are glad to give you some for
  I got it. And I was hooked
from my first shot. I loved it.
Mr. Scott:j Miss Fisher, was
the gentleman you met in the
Catskills a pusher as well as
a user?
Mrs. Fisher: Absolutely not.
No, as a matter of fact, he had
never used horse (heroin).
We both took our first shot
together. I got just enough and
wanted more. He got overloaded
and almost died, so it took him
a little longer to get hooked.
But he got there.
Mr. Douglas: How much did it
cost to support this habit?
Mrs. Fisher: Well, when I got
going good, it cost me $185
a day.
$Show guests that day were actor
George C. Scott and singer Marilyn
Wisconsin Alumnus
ate last summer Mike Douglas
   invited me to co-host his tele-
vision show with him for a week.
It's a policy of Mike's to ask his
co-host to help select his guests,
and it was suggested that someone
who had produced a great reaction
be invited. I immediately suggested
Florence Fisher, whose appearance
on the show had resulted in more
than 100,000 letters from viewers.
  There may be some of you who
do not agree with us that Mrs.
Fisher's story "belongs" in WIS-
CONSIN ALUMNUS. It is an ugly
story, a far cry from a reminiscence
of sunset on Picnic Point. It's a dis-
turbing story. But it is an impor-
tant one, worthy of the attention
of every parent, and "must" read-
ing for every young person. Read
it-you'll never forget it-then pass
it along to your friends.
             -David Susskind

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