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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 7 (May 1969)

Alumni news,   pp. 24-29

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How to have 4 days
and nights in
Alaskan fishing
country on 2 days
vacation time!
Join the gang leaving Minne-
apolis at 11:30 p.m. on July 1.
Seven hours later you're in Rein-
deer Lake, Alaska, on the fringe
of the Arctic Circle. Fish all day
July 2-3-4! Pull in ARCTIC
FISH! Leave the morning of Sat-
urday, July 5, and be back in
Minneapolis that afternoon.
That's 4 days and n i g h t s in
Alaska, and only two count as
vacation from the job!
Round trip Minneapolis-Reindeer Lake.
Excellent food. Comfortable lodgings.
Guides, one to each two guests. Large,
safe 16' boats with heavy duty Johnson
motors. Gas and oil. Cleaning and fillet-
ing of fish.
All this, and a fabulous host, too! He's
Hans Sorenson, Madison's inveterate fish-
erman, experienced guide, author and ter-
rible liar. The perfect fishing companion!
   The package . . . $325.00
Get the brochure
   Alaskan Fishing Tour
   UW Alumni Association
   650 N. Lake Street
   Madison, Wis. 53706          I
          I                      I
   Name --------------------    I
   e      -I
I                    I
  City ----------------------- I
         I               I
  State ------------Zip -
!.--...---- ------- - -----
  Malcolm E. McConnell '39 has been
made Philadelphia district manager by
Square D company.
  Carlyle N. Reed '39, after retiring
from the FBI, is now a representative
with The Milwaukee Company.
  Clifford G. Pulvermacher '40, Wash-
ington, D.C., has been named to head
export marketing for the U. S. Depart-
ment of Agriculture.
  George Paskvan '41 has been elected
vice president of personnel, training and
safety for Briggs Transportation com-
pany of St. Paul.
  Burton B. Ruby '41 has been elected
to the board of directors of Hart Schaff-
ner & Marx of Chicago. He and his
wife (Helene R. Hofheimer '40) live in
Michigan City, Ind.
  Harrison D. Goodman '42 has been
appointed associate of Joseph R. Loring
& Associates, New York City consult-
ing engineers.
  Frank A. Cox '43 has received the
17th annual professional achievement
award of the western New York chapter
of the American Institute of Chemical
Engineers. He is manager of The Good-
year Tire & Rubber company's Niagara
Falls, N. Y. plant.
  Harold Wagner '43 has become a part-
ner in the new law firm of Wiesen, Ros-
enberg and Wagner of Cincinnati.
  Armin R. Grunewald '44 has just re-
turned from a four year assignment with
U.S.A.I.D., soil conservation service in
Nigeria. He is now in Soil Conservation
Service, Washington, D. C.
  Robert J. Manteufel '44 is assistant
director of engineering in the engineer-
ing, construction, maintenance and util-
ities organization at the Kodak Park di-
vision of Eastman Kodak company. He
lives in Greece, N. Y.
  Glenn W. Bailey '46 has been elected
to the board of directors of Randolph
Computor corporation of New York.
  Robert A. Leobl '47 has been ap-
pointed president of the Holly division
of Lear Siegler, Inc. of Santa Monica,
  Eugene A. Lange '45, Arthur G. Pie-
per '47, Merval W. Oleson '48, Robert
L. Bort '49, and Thomas W. Crooker '60
has been accorded special recognition for
their work in The Naval Research Lab-
oratory, Washington, D. C.
  Mrs. Donald Hoff (Roma Borst '48)
  has been appointed associate professor of
  Spanish at Wisconsin State university,
Eau Claire.
  Betty Toman '48 received an outstand-
ing teacher award at Iowa State univer-
sity. She is professor of physical edu-
cation for women there.
   William J. Katz '49 has been appointed
 manager of the process research and de-
velopment section of Rex Chainbelt, Inc.
of Milwaukee.
  Henry H. Marvin '50 has been ap-
pointed general manager of the new
product department of General Electric's
Nela Park in Cleveland.
  Kenneth R. Willis '53 has been named
senior vice president of Time Insurance
co., Milwaukee.
  Kenneth V. Benson '51 has been
elected to the board of directors of
Kohler co., Kohler, Wis. He lives in
  Roger 3. Fritz '52 has been elected
president of Willamette university, Salem,
  Arthur Casebeer '52, dean of students
at Drake university, has resigned to ac-
cept a Fulbright grant as senior lecturer
in New Delhi, India.
  Leo H. Spinar '53 recently authored a
book, College Chemistry.
  Robert A. Cook '53 has purchased the
Vagabond travel service of Milwaukee.
  Donald E. Oliver '53 and Marcia Winn
Gary were married recently. The couple
lives in Whitefish Bay.
  Former baseball great, Harvey Kueon
'54 is a sales representative of MPS Serv-
ices, a Milwaukee based mailing and dis-
tribution firm.
  Donald Ursin '55, vice president of
Baird & Warner, Inc. will be in charge
of the real estate firm's new Wheaton,
Ill. offices.
  R. Paul Rosenheimer '56 has been
elected to the board of directors of the
North Shore State bank. He and his
family live in Wauwatosa.
  Major Evans E. Warne '56 of Madi-
son has been decorated with the silver
star, the distinguished flying cross, his
nineteenth award of the air medal and
the Vietnamese cross of gallantry for ac-
tion in southeast Asia.
  Don Lewis '56 is the new assistant fea-
ture editor for The Milwaukee Journal.
  Capt. Patrick Casey '57 has just com-
pleted a one-year tour of duty with the
air force in Thailand and is enroute with
his family to his new three-year assign-
ment in Wiesbaden, Germany.
  Mary M. Herman, M.D. '57 recently
became the bride of Lucien Rubinstein,
M.D. They are neuropathologists at Stan-
ford university medical school where she
is an assistant professor and he heads
the department.
  John N. Stephenson, M.D. '59 was pro-
moted to major. He is stationed at Air
Force hospital in Cambridge, England
and is married to Ellen Herman '59.
  Mrs. Douglas P. McNutt (Denyse C.
DuBrucq '59) has designed puzzles which
show the development of a plant from
a seed through its life cycle. She has
been asked by the U. S. office of educa-
                 Wisconsin Alumnus

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